Does anyone remember Richard (Dick) Wilfong? (see note below)

Classmate Gerald Paulson sent in the following note:



We have been living in Cherokee Gardens Condos on the north side of Madison ( near Cherokee marsh) since 2009 and recently met a new resident by the name of Richard (Dick) Wilfong and he tells me that he graduated from West-Class of 1958!  The name didn’t ring a bell with me and he wasn’t listed in the yearbook.   I asked about that and he said no he didn’t want to be in the yearbook.  Just curious if anyone knew this guy or remembers him from homeroom or any classes.  Seems like a nice guy  but with a strange story.


Jerry Paulson”

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1 Response to Does anyone remember Richard (Dick) Wilfong? (see note below)

  1. Karen Browy Rausch says:

    Dick Wilfong is married to my cousin, Donna Williams. The have five children and have lived on the east side for a long time. I don’t remember him being in our class though. I thought he went to East. Karen Browy Rausch

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