60th Class Reunion

3/24/17 –  This is the spot where information can be found about the upcoming 60th Reunion.  Check back often to keep up-to-date.

1/5/18 – The following update was received from JoAnn Friedman Salin:  (Note:  This entry was updated on 1/6/18 to correct a pricing entry)

“Our 60th reunion will be held on Fri, Sat, and Sun., Sept. 14-16, 2018.  The entire reunion (Fri. get together for drinks, Sat. night sit-down dinner, and Sun. brunch) will take place at the Holiday Inn, Madison West, 1109 Fourier Drive Madison WI 53717 — Phone: (608) 826-0500,  Fax: (888) 511-3005  Web: www.wiscohotels.com.  In May, I will email you a registration form to sign up for the reunion.  You can make room reservations at anytime.

There is a block of rooms reserved for us under Madison West High School Reunion Class of ’58.  The cost of a guest room is $139 plus tax.  The cost of the reunion, per person, will be approximately the cost of what you order for the Sat. night dinner, PLUS tax & gratuity for the meal – 25.5%, banquet room charge, and reunion incidentals.  At this time the banquet room charge plus reunion incidentals will be about $5.00 to $10.00 per person.  For example, if you order the vegetarian pasta for $18.00 the total you would pay would be about $33.00.  For the beef entrée, filet mignon at $35.00, the total would be about $54.00.   The other two options, chicken and salmon, about $24.00 each would total about $41.00. These are current estimates and subject to change.  But should give you a general idea of your cost for the reunion. 

Currently, except for a Badger football game. there are no plans for Sat. morning or afternoon.  If anyone would like to volunteer to plan something that would be great. 

Please don’t hesitate to send me any questions you have.



8/23/17 –  JoAnn Salin has announced that the 60th Reunion dates will be Sept 14-15-16 2018.  Mark Your calendar!

Post comments below, if you wish.

One Response to 60th Class Reunion

  1. margaret says:

    have the date on my calendar
    Margy Freed New

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