Classmate Biographies

This page contains biographies provided by classmates who wanted to share with you what has been going on in their lives.

Last updated:  5/6/19



Graduated from Comm School at UW in 62. Married Sherry Barnes from class of 60. Went in service- got divorced and remarried in 70 to Kathy.  She passed away from cancer in 2015.  Ran The Neckerman Insurance Agency and lived on the west side my entire life.  Still don’t recognize the East side of town.



Graduated Univ.Wisc. 1962 with a Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology

Married David Nagusky in 1962

Raised three terrific kids

Blessed with 9 beautiful grandchildren

Live in Cleveland Ohio where I have been for 55 yrs


MSSA social work

Worked as a medical social worker at Mt Sinai Hospital and Rainbow Babies and Children’s  Hospital in Cleveland until retired in 2005.

Volunteer doing Reiki with people experiencing Effects of cancer at The Gathering Place

Hobbies include hiking, biking, traveling, gardening, golf, bridge, photography …..

Blessed to have two of my three kids and 7 of my nine grandkids living in Cleveland



While most “58ers” continued in the halls of higher education I avoided the draft by joining an Army program that guaranteed being stationed in Europe. I spent 3+ years in Germany, including time with Evert Helms family in Gottingen. Meanwhile my broadcasting father bought a radio station midway between Ann Arbor and Lansing, MI where I joined the family upon discharge in 1961.  Enrolled at the U of MI as a psych major, met a librarian grad student, got engaged and followed her to Detroit transferring to Wayne State U. Changed major to sociology, worked on the city’s War on Poverty program while organizing a union of fellow workers. My anti Vietnam war belief and an indulgent wife allowed me to leave school and working for the city (Hatch Act) and I become press secretary for Gene McCarthy’s MI presidential campaign efforts from post NH through the convention in Chicago. Continued in politics and other indulgences, fathered 2 sons and, upon my father’s death moved to a condo in Brighton, MI to work at the family radio stations until we sold them toward the end of the century. Wife got a divorce and returned to the Detroit area. Our lads got their degrees, the younger one now an attorney in Brooklyn, NY while his big brother married and now has his family in the IT valley of CA near San Jose; his now retired mother looking after our 2  grade school granddaughters there. And since early this century I’ve worked as a field interviewer on the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, an ongoing job in research which continues to take me throughout SE MI. Sorry to be so long winded but hard to compress 60 years; has it really been that long since leaving West High?!

While most “58ers” continued in the halls of higher education I avoided the draft by joining an Army program that guaranteed being stationed in Europe. I spent 3+ years in Germany, including time with Evert Helms family in Gottingen. Meanwhile my broadcasting father bought a radio station midway between Ann Arbor and Lansing, MI where I joined the family upon discharge in 1961.  Enrolled at the U of MI as a psych major, met a librarian grad student, got engaged and followed her to Detroit transferring to Wayne State U. Changed major to sociology, worked on the city’s War on Poverty program while press secretary for Gene McCarthy’s MI presidential campaign efforts from post NH through the convention in Chicago.

Continued in politics and other indulgences, fathered 2 sons and, upon my father’s death moved to a condo in Brighton, MI to work at the family radio stations until we sold them toward the end of the century. Wife got a divorce and returned to the Detroit area. Our lads got their degrees, the younger one now an attorney in Brooklyn, NY while his big brother married and now has his family in the IT valley of CA near San Jose; his now retired mother looking after our 2  grade school granddaughters there. And since early this century I’ve worked as a field interviewer on the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, an ongoing job in research which continues to take me throughout SE MI.

Sorry to be so long winded but hard to compress 60 years; has it really been that long since leaving West High?!

 Gene Brown

I got degrees in mechanical engineering from the UW and the UI and taught at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, until retiring 4 years ago.  We have two sons, one of whom is a professor of applied math at the (other) UW here in Seattle.  My other son is a senior researcher at the RAND corporation in Santa Monica.  We have made connections with campus life here in Seattle and enjoy many University events as well as the pleasure of the company of our 6-year-old grandson in his many adventures: fishing, T-ball, skiing, and hiking.

Ellen Louise Bubeck Laurent (updated 4/25/19)

After 11th grade, I returned to the DC area with my parents.   My dad had taken a job as head trainer for the newly developed CAA, which now is the FAA, and trained air traffic control agents, plus safety and medical personnel, and government investigation agents (for mishaps). 

I finished high school  (Northwestern HS) in our neighborhood a mile from the University of Maryland.   I was a National Merit Finalist, but chose to go to the University of Maryland, because I liked the area and the campus and was only 17. I majored in pre-med, with minors in psychology and sociology, and got a job working in the photo lab near the end of my Freshman year, and learned to develop film, print photos, do photostatic copies of scholastic records, and ID photos, plus light secretarial work.   I could fit in time before, between, and after classes and work weekends if the Campus Photographer needed help..  I joined a sorority (Tri Delt), worked in University Theater, and was on the Student Union Board, becoming chairman the next year, was chairman of the Sophomore Carnival my second year, chairman of the Freshman Orientation Board in my junior year, Rush Chairman for my sorority, and elected president, but I had finished my Pre-med curriculum in three years, so chose to spend my senior year preparing to make a living (if it became necessary) and took secondary ed courses, and did student teacher in my fourth year.

I got married to Bud Laurent the week after I graduated, and represented students of the Land Grant colleges and universities at the 100th anniversary of the Merrill Land Grant Act in Washington, DC, two weeks after I graduated, and began teaching at the high school where I graduated in the Fall.  Meanwhile, my husband finished up his degree, and moved to Atlanta in February.   He worked at Shell Oil Company, in public relations (which included  Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf) and this propelled him into radio work and he worked for an Atlanta CBS affiliated station for a year and a half.   He was offered a job in master scheduling at Lockheed Aircraft Company in Marietta (nearby), and he had worked for them two summers while in college (at that time working as a draftsman and majoring in Aeronautical Engineering.  He was in that job for a year when they asked him to come to International Marketing.    This was apparently what he was born to do, traveling all over the world, taking me along in the Summers.

I was teaching elementary school by that time, having taken courses to add elementary grades to my certificate at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta.   We had two daughters by then.   I launched the “Right to Read” program in the Marietta School System and took a job as a reading specialist in their Title I program.   In 1977, we moved to Paris and spent five years there.   He was Vice-President, then President of Lockheed Europe.   I brushed up my high school French, and then took the Course in French Language and Civilization at the Sorbonne (it  was like a dream).   We convinced the woman who started th Cordon Bleu Culinary School up again after WWII (she was depicted with Julia Childs in the Movie), and she was so French,  but we bribed her with an offer to give her at least 50 American women students for demonstration classes (ladies I had to show around Paris during the Air Show) on a day during the Air Show, and have the classes taught by the French Canadian teacher at the American School who had just completed the full course (with his wife) at the Cordon Bleu.   She agreed to try it, and it was so successful, I asked if she would consider the saee thing for Americans who lived in Paris, and she did  6 Saturdays of Demonstrations, and continued with that after we moved away in 1982.   Bud and I took several of the series, and became pretty comfortable with doing French cooking.  Bud loved doing the pastries.   I specialized in the sauces (so much easier), and (although I knew how to do them, only assisted Bud if her needed me to do so.)   I was asked by the American Women’s Group if I would become the Avon Lady (not up my alley at all, but they begged and said they would come to my house to pick up their items so I wouldn’t have to travel all over Paris and the suburbs.   I agreed…and they kept their promise.   However, the Tupperware lady heard about me and was a friend of the Avon Manager in the area…so I agreed to do one party and let the chips fall where they may.   It was hugely successful…they were happy and I didn’t need to continue with Tupperware, although we became good friends.   I got my “Diplome”from the Sorbonne, then started taking courses in art and architecture from the docents at the Louvre.  When I finished those, I talked to local antique merchants and got them to give courses in English which I would translate for them…like “how to tell if it’s a real antique and what era” and “how to refinish antique furniture properly” (and not destroy its value).   My one regret was not being able to finish the course I had set up for myself as an apprentice to the local candy maker/shop owner.   I had it scheduled for the spring and summer of 1982, but Bud was offered a job of Director of Sales and Marketing back in Lockheed, and left in the early Spring.   Our elder daughter was graduating from The American School of Paris, and going to college, so there was much to do to get ready for all that.

So, Bud moved back in February of 1982, Cheryl went on a train trip with friends to the south of France and Italy, and then flew home to Atlanta, and  Donna and I flew back to Atlanta after Cheryl graduated and we saw her gang off at the train station.   We had bought a rental property before we moved to France (to keep our investment in the real estate market while we were gone), and I decided to take Real Estate Courses because Coldwell Banker had really done a dreadful job of taking care of the  property and I decided to take over managing it and learn the secrets of the universe of realty.   I enjoyed the course, passed the test, then took the two Post courses while it was fresh in my head, and went to work for a Realtor Broker friend of ours from old Jaycees days (the late 60’s and early 70’s, and I helped him to prep his agents for the Post Courses I had just taken and refresh them on the basics again. I did this and returned to work with the Jaycettes, having a monthly radio show telling the community what our charitable efforts would be during that time frame, and cleaning up the house we were renting to get new tenants.

We moved from Atlanta to Canada in 1989, and I sold both houses.   We lived in Ottawa for five years while Bud worked as Corporate Liaison in getting the new company (Lockheed Canada) up and running smoothly.

Our daughters were both married by then, and I continued to travel with Bud when he went somewhere I wanted to go.   He retired in 1993, and we moved to north Florida into our courtyard home we had built in 1991 (and leased back to the builder so he could use it as a model…it was the first courtyard home in north Florida).   Bud began to volunteer in local charities and I joined him, then he started to work the media centers for the Players Championship held at Ponte Vedra (nearby) and the Liberty Mutual Seniors Tournaments held in north Florida, and Palm Coast.    I worked in the Tournament Office, fielding phone calls etc, for 6 years, then took courses to become a Hospice Volunteer.

We were also running the Homeowners Association in our neighborhood, which had been only in Phase II when we built and we continued that until my parents needed most of my attention, and wouldn’t leave their home on the Chesapeake Bay, so I was back and forth until my father passed away and we sold their home and brought my mother down to live with us.  He died in 2010 and she died in 2014 (on Easter Sunday).

I began doing genealogy, and joined the DAR, proving two of my mother’s family members, and became Chaplain of our chapter for two years.    I still belong but am not taking any office.   I joined the Mayflower Society, and was elected Chaplain (called Elder) when I missed a meeting.   I’ll never do that again, but I’m still the chaplain at this point.

We moved to the World Golf Village in 2001, and are now in a retirement community, as of March of 2018).   Bud passed away the end of July (in his sleep).   I’m still busy with genealogy, and crafts, working in the Residents’ Association Office and doing my genealogy again.


I married Ralph Bushnell in 1960 and we have 2 daughters and 1 son, along with 7 grandchildren. Sadly, Ralph died of cancer last January.  I graduated from MATC in Data Processing in 1979 and finally got a BS degree at age 50.  I worked in Information Processing in WI and CA where we moved in 1989.  After we retired we enjoyed 10 years of traveling all over the world before Ralph got sick.  Some of our favorite trips were Turkey, New Zealand, hiking in the Swiss Alps, and Ralph always loved going to France.  I live in a 55+ village in Orange County, CA. and I still have our cabin near Yosemite.  Our son teaches at UC Davis and our son-in-law at Stanford, so I have 2 children and their families in CA.




BA English Columbia College, New York City 1958-62;

MA Economics University of Wisconsin 1962-66.


Ingrid (dec. 1964) Son: Alexander, now an architect in Boulder, CO.

Naomi (div. 1977) Son: Mark, now a tax lawyer with Social Security Administration.

Donna (mar. 1984—will love forever!)


My two nincompoop sons have had many amours and have lived in sin from time to time, but no marriages or offspring resulted. This is a sore subject.


Was a corporate editor/writer. During the early 1990s, began to write art locally, worked my way up to national publications, and now write art books. My fourth book is at the publisher and will be out soon. (In case you want to buy copies of my books as Christmas presents for fifty of your closest and most personal friends, e-mail me and I will arrange a bulk discount!)

I do look forward to seeing all of you at the Reunion and hope that some of our favorite teachers are waiting to greet us on the West High tour. It would be a real pleasure to chat once more with “Froggy” Koehler or to be chastised for my wild behavior by Mr. Steiner. Make a list of your personal favorites and look for them in the hallways.


In Dec ‘64 I married Byron class of 57.We have two children born in 65 and 66 and they each have three children all grown up almost. 3 are 23 and the girls are 16, 18 and 20. I worked as an Occupational Therapist for 33 yrs and loved Rehabilitation. As my email states my hobbies are kayaking hiking and skiing and recently enjoy  pickleball. Summers are spent at our cabin near West Yellowstone and the rest of the year we are in Spokane in our same home 12 miles in the country. We have acquired a new chocolate lab puppy named Abbey. Cannot wait to catch up on the news from all of you looking forward to the reunion.

Joan Clifford Indermark

Schooling and Careers:  Graduated from Carroll College, now Carroll University, with a degree in Elementary Education.  Taught for 4 years in Brookfield, where I had been a student teacher, and 1 year in Milwaukee.  When our children were small, I was nudged by a neighbor to take a teaching assistant’s job in the Madison Schools, which ended up being a career for 25 years, mostly ESL/LEP.

Family:  Met and married Jerry in 1963.  We have a daughter Joanne and a son Jim.  Our daughter has a “Garden of Angels” near Portage, WI.  It’s purpose is to help people who are suffering losses of relatives and friends.  We are not always known by our names, but as “Joanne’s parents”.  She has given us a grandson and a granddaughter (died at 1 year old). Joanne’s husband Scott passed away 4 years ago.  Our son Jim and his wife Kristi have given us 3 grandsons and a granddaughter.  They also have a foster child.  They live in Florida.

Hobbies:  Reading and genealogy.  Researching family has brought me many adventures.  In 1990 we attended the reburial at Wounded Knee, SD of a young Native American girl who was originally found by my great-great aunt Clara’s husband after the Massacre at Wounded Knee. This is an experience I will never forget.  My great-great aunt worked for Women’s Rights with Susan B. Anthony.  She was the first woman to go to the University of Wisconsin’s men’s university.  Because of her I have had a few invitations for attendance at special events.  During U. W. graduation Spring 2019, she will be featured.  I was asked to attend and told I do not have to speak, just wave.

Travel: We have taken many cruises which are favorite trips of ours.  Our Alaskan cruise ended up being 2 weeks long, instead of 1 week during 911.  I love traveling in the U. S., my favorite spot being the Black Hills, SD, since I was 9 years old.

Currently:  We live in Portage, WI.  I have had a small business, “Giggles for Kids”, for 12 years in a building with other small businesses.  My favorite recent volunteer work:  I have been active on the Friends of the Portage Library Board, especially involved with preparing the huge annual book sale for several years.

Marsha Clinard Boast

For the past 50 plus years I have lived in Champaign, Illinois and am fortunate that my two sons came back to live here, too.  I arrived in 1967with my then husband (we divorced in 1989) and in 1994 met Charlie Boast on a blind date.  We married in 1996.  Charlie and I both have two sons and so my family doubled, now including 8 grandchildren.

After high school, I went to Vassar College (after a year with my parents in India), graduated in 1963 and received my MSW from Columbia University School of Social work two years later.  I worked as a psychiatric social worker, later in medical care and ended as a hospital social work director for a number of years.  More recently, until two years ago, I worked as a research interviewer for the University of Illinois.

Music has been my main hobby over the years and I sing in two groups, one of which is at the University.  Other hobbies including photography, volunteering, reading (mostly history), biking (though a year ago I had a bad accident with a number of broken bones) working out, theater and concerts, grandchildren and traveling.  Charlie and I travel a great deal both within the country (most often out west with Amtrak), and abroad (favorites include Patagonia, India and Turkey.)

I have over the years been very fortunate to have four grandchildren living nearby and have delighted in the times spent with them and taking them on trips.  It’s hard to believe that the oldest one is a senior in college and the next one just left for her freshman year at Notre Dame.  And a  step grandson is a sophomore here at Illinois which is a treat.

Friends from high school have remained in my life over the years and I have kept in touch, in part, through FaceBook.  Nancy Thielen and I play Words with Friends every day. Charlie and I  have spent time, over the years, visiting Maria Messina and her husband, Vince, who now are in Florida and we have been frequently visited Marilyn Metz and her husband, Larry who are in Washington, DC.  More than almost any other friends my life, those I knew in grade school and high school have been closest to my heart.

Ellen Cline Sperling

Born in Ames, IA and lived in 4 TX cities before the Cline family moved to Madison during war, peace and polio in 1945

Attended Nakoma School K-8, West High 9-12 and UWMadison.
Graduated with honors, married Keith Sperling (East High ‘58)
and taught in the Madison school system while Keith attended UW medical school.Daughter, Ginny, was born in Denver and is now a physical therapist in Chicago.
Daughter, Sheryl, was born in Minneapolis and is now a teacher and reading consultant in Green Bay.
Son, Dan, was born in Seoul, Korea and is now in business in Santa Barbara.Bonus for us is 6 grandchildren, all talented, of course!From Denver we moved to Minneapolis and the Naval Air Station, then back to Madison where Keith joined the UW faculty.My passion has been teaching school and patriotism in the primary grades.  I have had that opportunity through schools and churches.  I also have enjoyed volunteerism in schools, scouts and hospital settings and participated on various boards, including Navy Wives and Friends of the UW Hospital.Family tree at UW-MADISON includes my parents, my sibs, Keith’s sib, I grand child and 7 through marriage.  Both my father and my husband have served as chairmen of their departments-geology and medicine.  The tradition continues!I have stayed in touch with many of you over the years and moves.
Memories of classmates and music are still vivid.Let’s keep on ‘Rockin and ‘Rollin as long as we are able!
Ellen Cline Sperling


I interrupted my  UW education with three years in the U.S. Army where I studied The Romanian language and spent a year and a half in Turkey.  When I finished my enlistment I returned to the UW and graduated in 1968 with a degree in Romance languages.  After two years in Graduate school I went to Italy to spend the summer and remained there for two and a half years teaching English.  I met my wife to be, and we married in 1972 in San Francisco.  Shortly thereafter I found a job as a college textbook representative. I worked one year in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Kentucky then three in Columbus Ohio, after that two years living in San Diego and working in Mexico and Central America.   We moved to Los Angeles and I traveled for two years to medical and nursing schools in the western half of the nation, and finally a few years to colleges and universities in Los Angeles and environs.  Tired of travelling, I started teaching ESL to immigrants at Hollywood adult school in the Los Angeles Unified School District and went back to school at UCLA in the Applied Linguistics Dept..  I earned an M.A. in  Teaching English as a second language (TESL)  I continued to that both at Hollywood and at Santa Monica College for about 15 years.  Meanwhile my wife Giovanna with a partner opened a skin care boutique on Melrose Place in L.A called Giovanna and Jutta.  After her partner Jutta, died Giovanna sold the business and we retired to Turin (Torino)  Italy to be near Giovanna’s family.  We travelled around Italy and Europe, but after six years there she died from a rare form of melanoma, and I remained in Italy for another four years until November 2016 when I came to Houston Texas and married an old friend from my teaching days in Los Angeles.  Yolanda Gomez is from El Salvador and has lived in the U.S. for 30 years. Now I walk the dog, do phone banking for Lizzie Pannill Fletcher the Democratic candidate for Congress in our district and  try to figure out what to do when I grow up.   Sorry to have left out all the interesting bits.


Barb (Duwe) Smith

I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin and a MBA and another master’s degree from other colleges. I taught junior high social studies in suburban Philadelphia after graduating from the UW until I was married and bore two sons. Later in my career we moved to Hartford, Connecticut where I was employed for nearly 30 years in Information Technology management at Travelers Insurance.

I am now retired and along with my husband Dave we enjoy spending time with our sons and their families in the Hartford area. Our four grandchildren are now either just starting college or finishing off their high school careers. All of us spend time on our power boat (“Usual Suspects”) on Long Island Sound in the summertime and in the winter you will find us watching U Conn women’s basketball.


In 1963 I married Gary Swenson, graduated from Nursing School and moved to NYC.  For the next 45 years, Gary worked on Wall Street until he was 70.  I worked as a nurse for 10 years before retiring to meet the demands of our growing family.  Our children (2 girls and 1 boy) were raised in Greenwich, CT.  Our home on the water has provided lots of opportunities for water sports and activities which we enjoy sharing with our whole family.  Our  vacations have included sailing, skiing/snowboarding, windsurfing, hunting. Gary & I took 2 motorcycle trips and 1 trip in our private plane across the US.  We are enjoying being with our 3 grandchildren in both our homes as we now spend the winters in Scottsdale, AZ.
Through it all, God has been faithful and has blessed us in so many ways.
We are very thankful for our Christian faith and our wonderful family.
We will miss sharing in our 60th reunion – may God’s blessings surround you all.


Laura Fellman

3 children and 1 grandson. Have had a varied life as: a nomad, travelling all of North America while living in a tent; taught vegetarian cooking; taught yoga; was a magazine publisher; goat herder; had a fitness business; pilot; built a house. Went back to school in late 40s for a Masters of Social Work degree, then worked in the field. Now, I am a mentor for men coming out of prison, doing counselling, am interested in spirituality. Still work out physically on a daily basis.

MATT (TIM) FOX  (updated 10/27/18)

Joined the Dominican Order and went through training for 9 years ending in ordination; then on to Institut catholique de Paris for a PhD in Spirituality.  On returning taught at several colleges including Loyola, Barat and Mundelein Colleges in Chicago area, starting a master’s program in Creation Spirituality which brought together scientists, artists as well as theologians and ran for 7 years.  Then brought it to Holy Names College in Oakland, Ca and it flourished there for 12 years but was finally axed by the Vatican (which also silenced me for a year and 3 years later expelled me from the Dominican Order after 34 years).
Started my own “University of Creation Spirituality”(UCS)  in downtown Oakland which flourished for 9 years and became an Episcopal priest to work with young people to reinvent forms of Western worship employing elements of the rave culture including dance, dj, vj, rap (no drugs).  Have done over 100 such “Cosmic Masses” in N. America.  Took pedagogy of UCS to inner city high schoolers in Oakland with exciting results.  Authored about 36 books now translated in 71 language and still doing speaking and lecturing.  Among the book titles are “Original Blessing,” “A Spirituality Named Compassion,” “The Reinvention of Work,” “The Lotus and The Rose: Conversations on Tibetan Buddhism and Mystical Christianity” with Lama Tsomo and books on Meister Eckhart, Hildegard of Bingen, Thomas Merton, Thomas Aquinas.
No wife, no kids, but a number of students over the years.  Very grateful for my West High experience and friends.
Matthew (Tim) Fox

Margaret “Margy” Freed New, aka Maggie

Academics/counseling/teaching have been the core of my life – attended at St. Olaf College, University of Stockholm, Duke, University of North Carolina, worked at The George Washington University and have degrees from UW-Madison, Stanford, UCLA. In addition to employment at a university or school, founded The Middleburg Group, LLC in 1996 through which now consult at the US Foreign Service in Washington DC – helping diplomats retire from government service.

Divorced, only child lives in San Francisco, no grandchildren.

Play tennis and very proud to say I went to USTA National Tournament twice and last year won club’s coveted Calcutta Tennis Tournament (had a great young partner).

After 30 years living in Hunt Country of Virginia (Middleburg) downsized into a small city apartment. Ugh, what work!!!!

Advocate for self-care – physical/mental health are important to me so I have a manageable, healthy lifestyle.  Enjoy talking to people about politics, religion, purpose, nutrition, travel, business. Not very interested in hearing about grandchildren, sorry.

What’s next: renting my apartment for short term occupancy while I go to Valencia Spain for 6 months to Improve my Spanish, immerse myself in the culture and have more time to explore interesting cities in Europe. Come visit me.

JoAnn Friedman Salin

Education and Work

BS Degree in Elementary Education and MS Degree in Rehabilitation Psych, UW-Madison.  Grade School Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Researcher, UW-Vocational Studies, Computer Trainer, UW-Computing Center.  And in retirement  I’ve written a screenplay “Difficult Years” based on my life-currently looking for a Hollywood producer 😉


I married when I graduated UW in 1962. Was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1969 and divorced shortly thereafter when my children were one and three years old.  Lived in Sheboygan and Milwaukee during those seven years and have lived in Madison ever since.  I have three grandchildren (ages 8 -22) and they live close by – Waunakee and on Drake Street (4 doors away from the house I grew up in !!!  I moved to a retirement center five years ago and love it — it’s like living in a dorm.  Last year Doug Moe wrote an article about me in Madison Magazine –



Well, I am in Almost Heaven, as John Denver sang, and named West Virginia. I have been in Parkersburg, WV for 56 years. It is on the WV banks of the Ohio River.

I went to the University of Wisconsin for three years. In 1961, I got married and completed my degree in Elementary Education at WVU. We then moved to Parkersburg, WV, my husband’s (Hob) home town. He is a Mechanical Engineer who then bought a construction company. I taught 2nd grade for a year. Then I got my MA (Mom degree) and became a stay at home mom until they were in school.

We have three children who kept us “movin’ out”. Our son, Hobby (Paul) was in scouting and is an Eagle Scout. He lives in Stanford, NC and has 4 of our nine grand kids, and the three great grandkids.

With Missy, our oldest daughter, we went “horsing around”. She was a 4H contest rider. Missy lives in Aiken, SC and just retired as a mechanical engineer in Human Resources training. She has three children.

Jodeen, our youngest daughter lives in Jackson Hole, WY and teaches 1st grade in a dual immersion school. Jodeen was a ballet dancer that took us around also. Two experiences were unique. One was being an intern at Jacob’s Pillow when Baryshnikov was there. The other was going to Budapest with NCSAC (North Carolina School of the Arts). So many years we enjoyed their varied interests.

We also had an adventure when Hob (husband) was a project engineer that took us to Australia for a year. An amazing year, wonderful country and beautiful interesting people.

The next chapter, I started a new career. I became a substitute teacher for the next 37 years. I loved it. Challenging and rewarding.

Substituting fit our life style. We could travel both land and sea. We loved to ski mostly in WV, but we went west many, many times and slopes.

Now, the present chapter, voluteering, clubbing, bridge, and water aerobics three times a week, gardening and lunch.

Most of the summer days we spend time “down by the river side” at our eclectic cottage about 25 minutes from town.

So I say, life is and has been full. We are blessed and thankful.


Bob and I have been married fifty eight years, two children, one granddaughter.

We have lived in NYC, Maryland and Virginia, Dallas,Houston, Cleveland, Ann Arbor,and, after retirement, San  Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  we are now living in Chapel Hill,North Carolina.   

Tennis, gardening and travel have been my passions, India being myfavorite travel site.  We have ridden camels and camped in the Sahara, eaten street food In Marrakech and painted Chinese characters alongside an elderly gentleman in Peking.

Along the way I lost my heart to numerous local children. We visited about 40 countries until health issues curbed our travels.  Now that we are the age our parents were when we graduated from West we delight in good food, sports on tv and each other’s company.


Education: University of Wisconsin, BS in Chemistry 1963

University of Colorado, Ph.D. in Medicine, 1970

Washington University, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biochemistry, 1972

Professional Positions:

Faculty at the University of Colorado Medical Center 1972-1997. Director of the Clinical Research Center Laboratory, Director of the Technology Commercialization Office, Taught undergraduate, master’s degree, doctoral degree and postdoctoral students. performed hematology-oncology and clinical research.

Director, Technology Transfer Office and Professor of Biology at San Diego State University 1998-2004

Director, Office of Technology Transfer and Commercialization, California State University at San Bernardino, 2004-2007

Family and Children: Married Jill Brunner 52 years ago, raised 2 daughters, Sarah and Jennifer, in Denver. Both graduate from the Univ. of Colorado, earned Master’s Degrees, married and had children. My 3 grandchildren are Emilia (15), Natalie (14) and Dylan (10). As young parents in Colorado, we loved many out-of-door activities including backpacking, whitewater kayaking and rafting, sailing, swimming, skiing (both back-country and downhill), bicycle and motorcycle riding, tennis, hunting and squash. I still play tennis, golf, ski, bike and motorcycle ride but many of the other activities are for younger bodies.

Hobbies: I have always enjoyed wood working and still have various construction projects. Jill and I built a cabin in Steamboat Springs in 1969. Jill is an accomplished artist. We have enjoyed traveling and I (frequently with Jill) was fortunate to travel professionally to many parts of the world to make presentations (on other people’s money). We have a particular affinity for Europe where we have many friends, some from my academic research activities and others we have gained along the way.

Today we have homes in Dillon, Colorado and San Diego, California. We spend about half the year in each home and thoroughly enjoy our friends and activities in both locations. However, we are becoming less tolerant of the cold weather at 9200 ft. elevation in Dillon so we may be spending more time is San Diego in coming years.


How does one describe her life of the last 60 years after high school?

I have not written a book, but I’ve read Goodnight Moon, Green Eggs and Ham and “50 Shades of Gray:”

I have not traveled the world, but I’ve been to Stoughton several times:

I have not run for office, but I was assistant to the Cross Plains dog-catcher—a political appointee:

I have not been in the Ironman, but I have sat in our hot tub, biked down our driveway—hey, it’s 50 feet long, and I have run to the liquor store on occasion:

I have not earned a lot of money, but I’m still saving my S&H green stamp booklets in hopes of becoming filthy rich:

I have not earned my PHD, my MD, my CPA, my MBA, my LLD, or my DDS, but some kid said I earned his MILF—whatever that is:

I do not have a gorgeous garden, but I do have a lovely spread of garlic mustard and buckthorn that I charge a fee for people to walk through—special rate for class of ’58:

I have not kept up correspondence with old friends since the pony express to Cross Plains only runs once a month:

I have not kept up my fabulous figure but read Vogue and In Shape regularly, drink lite vodka, and jump to conclusions:

I have not been to see Ellen, Oprah, Doctor Oz or Judge Judy but did get to have a hair-pulling, drag-out on Jerry Springer—great fun!

I don’t have a dog or cat, but I’m cultivating a large group of chipmunks that live in my house foundation—they will inherit what’s left of the house when I die:

I don’t see, hear, taste, smell or feel like I used to so I totally enjoy rap music, sewage plants, cilantro (I know 1 or 2 of you probably like it), and scratching on blackboards:

I’m still with my studly hunk of a first husband; actually, he’s the one who called me a MILF, whatever that is:

I’d think I’d like to be a humming bird because we both like red food—as in rare steaks, but sugar water in a pinch:

I collect egos, so if you find some, please send them to me

I hate people who hate people:

I love children of all ages and hope to remain a child forever.

Bonnie (Rejahl) Hamill and Denny Hamill.

After first dating in March of 1958 and graduating from West together we went to the University of Wisconsin in Madison and got married in December 1960. Graduated in 1962 (Denny got PhD in Physics at Boston University in 1969). We lived in Michigan, Boston, Minnesota and now Austin, Texas. Two daughters Holly born in 1962 and Debbie in 1964. Bonnie worked in education with last job as director of a K-12 improvement program in the University of Texas. Denny worked for 3M for 30 years and both are enjoying retirement, but Denny is back to running a new family business making toys to entertain and exercise dogs (

Holly died in 2006 and we still miss her every day. Debbie (physician) and her husband Pat (Goldman Sachs) live in Austin as well and we are building a multi-generational complex to live together. We have been very fortunate to have lived near all four grandkids all their lives and travelled often with them as they were growing up. Granddaughter Lee got her PhD in Materials Science Engineering and is teaching AP Physics in a girls high school in Beverly Hills. Grant got his BA in business and is full time in the family business. Twin granddaughters are sophomores in college with Katie at U of Michigan in Ann Arbor and Lucy at Lewis and Clark in Portland Oregon.

We really enjoyed the 50th reunion and regret missing this one but we wish all classmates continued enjoyment in your lives.

Tim Harrington

I received undergraduate and Medical School degrees from UW Madison, then left Madison for 11 years of post-graduate training, service at the National Institutes of Health, and a stint in academic medicine at the University of Texas in San Antonio. I returned to Madison, thank God, and practiced rheumatology from 1976 to 2012. Since then, I’ve continued a health care consulting business.

Along the way, I’ve been blessed with two sons, a daughter, and six grandchildren—2 each. I’m single and have lived in Downtown Madison for the last three years, just off Upper State Street across from the Overture Center—love it.

Hobbies are music, two book clubs, Kiwanis service club—and Yoga! I travel frequently to see my family in Portland OR, Santa Fe, and Dublin Ireland, as well as with friends. Happy and healthy. Cheers to all.

Bob Hartwig

Married 57 years to my beautiful wife Bernie…..raised 3 children….have 6 grandchildren and one great-grandchild….retired 15 years ago…made a career out of Purchasing and Inventory Management…a Veteran….hobbies were and are, a pilot, golf, bowling, cards (euchre), traveling, been to 30 countries…thankful for a great life.

Dennis Helsabeck

Graduated from UW in ’62 (History) and over the years received Master’s degrees from Indiana U. (Educ.), the U. of Oregon (History), and Luther Seminary (Church History).

My career path is a happy evolution of happenstance/circumstance:  Teacher and then Counselor at Bay Port HS (Green Bay area); Staff, Office of High School Relations (UW-Madison); History faculty at Northwest Christian College (Eugene, OR); History faculty at Kenmore College (Brisbane, Qld., Australia); History faculty at Milligan College (TN) since the ‘80s.

Retired from full-time in ’07, taught half-time for three years, and then a reduced load for five more (I still teach once course).  These positions have offered additional benefits for speaking, writing, and meeting people.

I’ve enjoyed good places to live:  Madison, Bloomington, Green Bay, Eugene, Brisbane, St. Paul, and Upper East Tennessee (the Tri-Cities, in the foothills/shadows of the Appalachians).

Additional opportunities:  I have enjoyed musical activities (in OR and TN directing a college Pep Band, and in WI/OR/TN directing church choirs; a faculty leader for Milligan student study tours in Europe; traveling to be with family and friends in places like New Zealand and Jamaica; spending time and holidays with nieces/nephews/great-n/n; and, of course, teaching/knowing students at a liberal arts college affords opportunities to enjoy the students as they participate in campus music/theater/visual arts/athletics, etc.

I am fortunate as well that the gang of close friends with whom I enjoyed West High has continued to stay in touch.  Karen Mennes Gasper, Gary Schultz, Jim Nafziger, and Eric Wedell have hosted my visits over the years, and John Rafoth has welcomed the gang for get-togethers at the times of class reunions.


Attended UW MSN & then worked on campus for 20+ years, first in the exciting area of Genetics and later for the Dean of Education. I was a very active feminist, making significant gains for women (and men) in the UW System, the State and nationally. Became an Intl Union Rep for AFSCME and enjoyed putting out fires, insuring fairness and helping workers in 18 different states.

I retired in San Antonio but moved in 2000 to FL to be close to my daughter, Kat, in SOBE (celebrity hair & make-up artist) and FL snow bird Mom. Both headed back to Wis after several years. I now visit during the height of the hurricane season, mid-Aug thru early Oct. In FL I keep  busy assisting hospice patients, cheering Packers & Badgers, attending social events and attempting to downsize years of too much stuff!



After getting a bachelor’s in Asian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master’s from the Graduate Library School of the University of Chicago I became curator of Yale’s Southeast Asia Collection.  In 1970 I spent a year in India and then worked for three years at the National University of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.  Getting a doctorate from UW-Madison followed.  Next came 7 most delightful years at the College of William and Mary before I became Curator of the Ames Library of South Asia of the University of Minnesota in 1987 and where I worked until retiring in 2008.

While in India in 1970 I became interested in hand-crafted textiles and began amassing a collection.  In 2011 the Goldstein Museum of Design of the University of Minnesota had an exhibition based upon my collection.  This resulted in numerous requests to speak on Indian textiles, teaching a perpetually oversubscribed class on Indian textiles for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute of the University of Minnesota, and publishing two books on costume and textiles.  In 2017 I was the main contributor to a world ikat (a tie and dye technique) exhibition at the Goldstein Museum and in 2018 headed a tour of India for OLLI devoted to architecture and textiles.


After graduating from Madison West, Mary Aageson Brink and I headed to Northwestern University. We spent two years there before coming back to Madison to finish our undergraduate studies. Senior year, Alice Dean Mortenson, Hope Dahle Bakken and Weezie Nuesse and I lived in Mrs Doty’s third floor apartment near Camp Randall. What a great year! And, fortunately, Mrs. Doty survived our, at times, noisy gatherings. I graduated in 1962 with a BS in Microbiology.

I spent the next two years at the University of Chicago and completed a master’s degree in Microbiology, while my husband finished his PhD at the University of Illinois Medical School.

Fast forward and I spent several years working in the microbiology department at Northwestern. I left to work with Erich and his parents in their EEG laboratory. Erich became interested in a developing practice of precisely measuring the concentrations of anti-epilepsy medications in patient’s blood as a means of better adjusting dosages. Our laboratory became a reference source for centers across the US. Industry took over with commercial assays and before long, the need for our services diminished.

Our daughters were off to college and I took a position as a medical editor/writer with a company that provided continuing education for physicians. It was challenging, always interesting and I felt worthwhile. It was fun to occasionally run into Stuart Gordon or Tim Harrington at conferences.

Life has not been all work. At age 78, I still play a pretty good game of tennis. I am also a volunteer usher for Chicago theaters with a group called The Saints. On one occasion, I ran into Victor Cassidy as a fellow volunteer. I introduce Victor to my two friends who were ushers that evening as “my boyfriend from 1st grade and a fellow member of the Randall Grade School Devil’s Club”. Victor said that was all true. It was a fun chance encounter.

I continue to serve on boards for the League of Women Voters and our local Go Green Wilmette environmental organization. I never miss a chance to register voters or serve as an election judge.

I am lucky enough to have a grandson who is a junior at UW-Madison and a granddaughter who just landed her first job as an environmental engineer at Woods Engineering, Inc in Madison.



Attended UW Madison and became a high school English teacher thanks to inspiration from Miss Holstein and went part time to UW for Masters in Counseling and PH.d work in Ed. Administration. Had Thirty seven year career in education as teacher, college counselor, and administrator in Student Services.

Retired in 2000 and enjoy river and ocean cruises as well as month long sojourns to Greece and Turkey, Italy, Peru,Argentina, and my favorite country, Thailand. My genealogy research discovered a distant cousin in Germany and we spent a month this summer with Gunther and his wife exploring Germany.

After spending 43 years with Dave, he passed away after a long illness.

I have shared the last 8 “golden years” with Arden and we are shuffling between Bradenton, FL.for 8 months And WI for the summers.  He and I were first year teachers together so we enjoy many mutual friends as well as interests

Having a blended family of 8 children, 14 grands, and 7 great grands keeps us busy with family outings and celebrations.

We have been blessed health wise and looking forward to.seeing

Rich Klatt

In 1962 Nancy Siegert, Central HS class of 1958, and I were married while I was still in school.  I graduated from the UW Platteville in 1965 with  a BS degree in Civil Engineering.  Following graduation from UW Platteville, I worked for three different cities, Detroit, Ames, IA and Omaha.  Our two children, Tamara and Rick, were born in Detroit.  While I was working in Ames I went to school part-time and in 1973 received a MS degree in Civil Engineering from Iowa State.   I was the City Traffic Engineer in both Ames and Omaha.

I decided in 1984 that I would leave the public sector and seek a position with a consulting engineering firm.   Since 1984, I have worked for two firms, one in Austin, TX and the other in Elgin, IL as a Transportation Engineer.  I was with the Elgin firm for 25 years where I had the opportunity to travel mainly in the US, but went to Poland five times to conduct traffic engineering studies.

While still working full-time for the consulting engineering in Elgin, Nancy and I moved to Minocqua, WI where I worked from our home.  I still traveled but had to fly out of either Rhinelander or Wausau.   I retired in 2012 and now work part-time for our home owners association as their Secretary/Treasurer.

Our two children each had a daughter and a son.  Two of our grandchildren are still in high school, while the other have graduated from college—the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Nancy and I enjoy going to the Wisconsin football games. We have had season tickets for 25 years.  Our son lives in Austin so we visit him in the winter time and our daughter lives in McHenry, IL, so we visit her often and she loves the Northwoods.   I also enjoy swimming, golfing, boating, cooking and watching movies.


Graduated from UW in 1963.  Commissioned in US Army, married Pat, Sarah was born and I was shipped to Germany after basic officer training.  Spent three years in Germany, Anna was born and I spent a lot of time on the East German border.  Death of Kennedy cause a real serious problem for us, but things cooled down after a couple of months.  Pat and I had some short vacation trips one with Mom and Dad. In 1966 I was ordered to Ft Bragg for counterinsurgency training and on to Viet Nam.  Pat stayed in NY close to relatives.  Returned for more training and after two years back to Nam. Returned to assignment in Washington DC.  Started grad school at American University and after a year left the Army  and went to work in systems.  Graduated from AU and worked with several R&D companies until a company move to Raleigh NC.  Retired from IBM in 2003 after an eventful career in development of large scale systems. Much international travel some where I was allowed to take Pat at my expense so she got a taste of different cultures.

After retirement (mostly) Pat and I traveled internationally along with our national parks. Too much to detail but we just got back from a two plus week river tour of Russia.  Nothing I would want to put in writing other than they have done a glorious job of rebuilding and restoring cathedrals and basilicas.  National museum in St Petersburg was awesome. Really.  Following my late fathers direction spent the last 30 or so years doing public service in Raleigh and Wake County.  The six years I served on the Raleigh Parks and Rec board was the most satisfying and productive.  We developed the Master Plans for four parks and they are now in use in several areas of the city.  Pat and I are both active in our church with various work areas and responsibilities.  The girls and the two grandchildren are fully employed and we all take fairly frequent local trips in NC and VA. Recently we all spent five days visiting Biltimore house in Asheville to see a Chihuli glass display.  Will keep going as long as we can…….


Married in 1961; lost my wife, Pat, to cancer after 50 years of marriage. We have two daughters and two grandsons, one from each daughter. My oldest grandson drives racecars and my younger grandson graduated from University of Wisconsin – Madison in May and works for the Green Bay Packers. Survivor of West Nile Virus that was diagnosed in August 2017 after being hospitalized for 3 months including being on life support for 5 weeks with multiple complications including paralysis, strokes and blood clots.

1950’s. In the early years I worked weekends at Marine Motor Clinic on Yahara River working on outboard boat motors. I was also certified and worked as a Mercury Outboard Mechanic. Raced Mercury outboard class A&B and C&D Hydroplane boats. Won high point in ‘0’ hydro class in Wisconsin. Later in the decade I designed, built and raced Class A Skeeter iceboats. Won championships in local Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club (FLlYC) in Madison. Past Commodore and Secretary for FLlYC. Won Class A Skeeter championships in Northwest Ice Yacht Association (NIYA) and International Skeeter Association (ISA.) Was Past Commodore, Secretary and Treasurer for NIYA and ISA.

1960’s. Owner and Mechanic of Midget Racecars. Drivers won championships in Badger Midget Auto Racing (BMARA) with most of the races at Angell Park Speedway in Sun Prairie. Elected to the National Midget Hall of Fame in 2006. Active in BMARA as Past President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Engineering with degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Work History. Worked part time for my Father’s business, Krueger Fabricating, while going to high school. Continued to work at my Father’s business until and after it was bought out by Dairy Equipment Company in Madison working with and designing transport tank trailers, automated milking equipment and spray dryers. Left Dairy Equipment Company to work at Stainless Tank & Equipment in Cottage Grove as their engineer and to design semi trailers. Became a co-owner and continued to work with the business after selling my shares to new owners as a Consultant with their plant in Beloit.

Active in Free Masonry and Shriners including Camel Patrol, making camel saddles, giving camel rides at Vilas Park Zoo and taking camels to parades throughout the Midwest. Past Master of Commonwealth Lodge #325 Madison, Past Sovereign of Winnebago Conclave in Madison of the Red Cross of Constantine, Past Commander of York Rite Commandry #3, Past TPM of Scottish Rite Lodge of Perfection and Past Commander and Chief of Scottish Rite Consisory. Past President of Masonic Center Foundation and Treasurer for Children’s Dyslexia Center School in Madison. Elected to Honarary 33 Degree Mason for the Northern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite out of Lexington, Massachussetts.


Bill Lautz

I retired from Wisconsin Department of Transportation in 2000 and have been enjoying retirement since then. I pick up and deliver blood for the Red Cross several times a month. I sold my house in 2015 and enjoy not worrying about lawn care or snow shoveling by residing in an apartment close to my old neighborhood. I travel a lot- – -been to all seven continents- – -and will spend two weeks in Portugal shortly after the reunion. My oldest son, Roger, has two kids (my two grandkids) and living in Waunakee. He is a Project Manager for Affiliated Engineers in Madison. Youngest son, Steve, is Associate Athletics Director at Auburn University in Alabama.

(Note:  Bill included his address, phone and email information.  Since it has been a long time policy of mine not to include personal information on this site for privacy reasons, that information was removed.  I have updated his classmate profile with this information, and anyone wanting Bill’s address etc., can contact me anytime.  ChuckR)


John McKenna 

“A Quiet Riot As I ambulated out of the West High Exit door my eyes were fixed on the horizon. In doing such I found my Life’s Path. That summer I registered for the draft, got my beer card, and took an exam and an interview to be accepted into the Navy ROTC program. Come fall I entered the UW Madison Engineering campus and the Navy facility. Upon receiving my diplomas, I was commissioned in the Navy Civil Engineering Corp and off for four years of active duty. Two years in Japan and Okinawa, then Beeville Texas as the Public Works Office at a Naval Air Station. My service time completed I returned to Madison in the fall of 1967.  A married relationship resulted in two sons. Being single in 1985, I thought that perhaps a fellow graduate from the class of 1958 would be interested in re-meeting me. I went through the yearbook getting as far as the W’s. There my eyes caught a picture that was underlined with, “ A woman’s face is her fortune only when it draws a lot of interest ”. Got in touch with the individual. We came to the conclusion that we had common interests and objectives, resulting in formalizing the relationship at noon, on St. Patricks Day, 1986, when Mary Ann Webster joined the McKenna clan. We then lived in Verona, Madison and moved in 1989 to Oak Park, Illinois. Work called us to London in 2000. I practiced Civil Engineering during all those years. Coming back from London in 2002, we took 3.5 months traveling eastward around the globe. We have now settled down west of Madison in the Town of Spring Green.

Hobbies – enjoying life.  Responsibilities – continue being a caring/supportive spouse.

John McLeod

After attending UW-Madison, where I lettered in wrestling and majored in biology (BS-SED), I spent three months at New Mexico State University for Peace Corps training before a two year stint in Guatemala.  After traveling throughout Central and South America, I attended the Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management in Glendale, AZ, married Donna De Young (RN) in 1966 and was graduated in 1967.  I then joined CARE and for the next 19 years managed various feeding and self-help programs (such as water systems, ag production and housing) in Colombia, Chile (where our son Sean was born in ’71), Ecuador (where daughter Sarah was born in ’73), Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras.

Upon returning to Wisconsin in 1985, we moved into our home in Cambria, WI.  I then sold real estate for the next 20 years mainly in Sun Prairie. Our son has two daughters, Meghan 14 and Molly 18 who is now a freshman at William & Mary.  Our daughter has two sons, Aiden 10 and Bjorn 14 both home schooled.  We have been enjoying our retirement, our families and many activities that include our local Kiwanis Club and church.  Donna and I also enjoy travelling, the four winter months in Florida, and I spend as much time as possible carving and painting birds.


After graduation from West I entered the work force and in 1961 I was married.

We had  three children.  Now  besides the children have a daughter-in-law, two son-in-laws, eight grandchildren, two grandson-in-laws and one great grandson.

I became a widow in 1995 and retired in 2000.

I live in Fitchburg Wi.

Since retiring I have enjoyed traveling with friends and family.

Spending time with family and at my second  home in northern Wis.


I married George in 1959.
George worked for the US Postal Service and I worked for the mid plains telephone company for 12 years
We have three children –

– Mark a restaurant manager

–  Jeff a civil engineer at UW and  Laura an attorney

Enjoying my grandchildren

Steve-college grad but chasing his dream of being a comedian

Avery-attending college in Indiana but currently doing a semester in Ecuador.

Jack-second year at Madison WEST In advanced Classes

Looking forward to seeing our classmates.

Karen Mennes Gasper

I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Wisconsin,  January 1962.  I taught 3rd grade for 3 1/2years in Madison while my husband, Ken completed his PhD in Nuclear Engineering.  Then we moved to Richland, Washington where we raised our 4 children.  Ken’s career moved us to Fridley, Minnesota for 7 years, where he worked for Medtronic.   Then we moved back to Richland where we lived for over 40 years.  I returned to teaching and retired from the Richland School District in 2005.

After retirement we decided to move to Belllingham, Washington as none of our children were interested in moving back to Richland on the east side of the Cascade Mountains.  Our youngest son lives in Seattle, our daughter married a German and lives in Germany, our next son recently retired as a medical doctor with the U.S. Navy and lives close to us in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island.  Our oldest son and family live about 7 minutes from us in Bellingham.  He and his wife are both elementary school teachers and have 2 children in elementary school, so they enjoy having us near them.  We have 11 grandchildren with 3 in college.

We have enjoyed our retirement.  We especially treasure our times spent with our children and grandchildren.  We also have traveled often to Europe, including time spent with our daughter and family in Bavaria.  We are thankful that we have time and energy to walk the wonderful trails around Bellingham, time for family activities, and time to be involved in our church life.


After West High, I attended Lawrence College for one year, enjoyed being Don Manson’s room-mate, but found myself turned off by the fraternity system and the general conservatism of ”the little Yale of the mid-west.” I transferred to Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where progressive politics ruled, and a work-study program meant moving every three months between Antioch and different “co-op” jobs around the country. In my time at Antioch I spent the Winter of 1960 as a general maintenance person at The Inn on Cabbage Key, off Boca Grande, Florida, the Fall of 1960 teaching at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in New York, the year 1961-62 studying Philosophy the University of Tubingen, in Germany, and the Fall of 1962 helping do psychological research in Atlanta, Georgia.

After bouncing around from one thing to another at Antioch, I bounced some more in graduate schools: Two years at Adelphi University on Long Island, M.A. in Sociology, two years at The New School for Social Research in NYC, M.A. in Psychology, two years at Union Institute in Cincinnati, Ph.D. in Psychology.

I got married in 1967, got a job teaching Psychology at Southampton College on eastern Long Island. Had a daughter in 1969, lost the marriage in the great divorce epidemic of 1972, began new job teaching Psychology at Suffolk Community College, also on Long Island. Taught at Suffolk Community College for 35 years, had two more skirmishes with marriage, retired to Sarasota, Florida, in 2002. Began teaching a general course called “The World in Transition” at The Lifelong Learning Academy in Sarasota, where I am able to re-invent the course every semester as I find new and current books about our world situation. My students there, almost all of whom are old and retired, are engaging and help keep me young.

This Fall semester will mark my 50th continuous year of teaching …Meanwhile, met the love of my life, my last and current wife, Ginger, in Sarasota in 2004, got married in 2008; we reside mostly in Sarasota, but have a wonderful summer place in Black Mountain, North Carolina…. Also, I took up tennis again in Florida (I played on the West High team). My Club partner and won the Club championship this year, and had a 15 wins 1 loss record in Team Tennis. Not bad for an old guy.

MARIA MESSINA RITACCA – (Updated 5/6/19)

I was born on April 25, 1940 at Madison General Hospital in Madison, WI.  I am the first of four children born to Maria Palermo Messina and Angelo Filippo Messina. 

My father was living in St. Paul, MN from 1910 until he moved to Madison.  He went back to Palermo, Sicily, Italy for the third time, where he met my mother.  He married her on October 23, 1938 and they then immigrated to the U.S. following their marriage and settled in Madison.

They started and raised a family, which consisted of my brother, Vito born on August 12, 1943, who became an Accountant/Controller, my sister, Rosalia, born on October 5, 1948, who became an Occupational Therapist and my brother Angelo, who was born on May 13, 1952 and became an Architect He is living in Lake Como, Italy for now.

While attending the University of WI – Madison, I met my husband, Vincent J. Ritacca in Italian class.  We married on August 19, 1961 and have three beautiful adult children, Jeffrey, born on April 2, 1963, Mark born on February 4, 1966 and Susanna born on October 23, 1967.

In the 1980’s I went back to work in The School of Business, UW – Madison, Career Services Office and became the Recruiting Coordinator where I worked with as may as one hundred companies per semester and with the many students who were ready to graduate from the Business School both BBA and MBA.  At that time, I also enrolled in the Weekend Degree Program at Edgewood College where I majored in Business.

I worked as the Program Administrator for the Executive MBA Program at the University in my last five years at the Business School.  It is from there that I retired in 2005 and was given a wonderful retirement party at that time.

Vince and I were members of the ARC – Dane County and became board members, as well.  Vince was president of the ARC at one time.  When I retired, I was invited to become a board member of the UW Retirement Association and I was also invited to become President of The Cultural Italian American Organization (CIAO) I, of course, accepted.

I write all of this because I am proud that all of us went to a University or College as children of immigrant parents, as my father and my children’s grandfather was intent that we all acquire a college education and were successful in life.

My son Jeff was an employee of UW – Madison for 27 years.  He has a disability.

My son Mark went to the University of Maryland, College Park, MD and graduated with a BS in International Business and Marketing

And, my daughter Susanna graduated from the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN with a BS in Psychology and Sociology followed by a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Psychology from the UW – Madison and a Master’s Degree from the University of Colorado in Speech Pathology.

My husband Vincent worked in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services as Chief of Programs and Systems Development, after receiving a BS in Psychology from UW – Madison.  He was employed by the State of Wisconsin, Department of Health and Family Services for 40 years and received many accolades including some from Governor Tommy Thompson.  He also retired in 2005 and was given a wonderful retirement party.

Life has been good to me and I am grateful for the wonderful family and longtime friends that I have made in various places as well as the friends that I have made here in Florida.

Vince and I moved to Florida in 2015 to be close to our son Mark and warmer weather.  Since then I have become a member of the American Cancer Association and the Book Club here at the Palms.

Mark founded his aviation business, NextJet, in 1997.  He continues to have fun with the business and its clients.

Jeff is lives in a Group Home and goes to School at the ARC – Broward County.

Susanna lives in Shoreview, MN and is a Speech Therapist in the School System there.  Her ex-husband and my only grandson Maxwell Vincent Fishlove, who is thirteen years old and my only grandchild, are also there.

The rest of my extended family lives in Italy.  Though I have been able to meet them and stay with them, I have only seen them two times.  Of course, they are wonderful and have professional careers too.  The good thing is that I have been able to retain my Italian language, as it is my first language.

Love to all of my 1958 West High School classmates.



“Are you an Ozanne from Madison?” I inquired of a handsome young man wearing a name tag with Ozanne written on it, while attending a political  rally in Palo Alto California in 1969. Caught a bit off guard, he replied ‘Yes!” Turns out,  I had dated his  brother Lee (West ’59) in high school and Larry( West ‘61) was his annoying little brother.  Larry and I  enjoyed reminiscing and he followed me back along El Camino in his ‘59 Chevy to my apartment.

Now, many years later, Larry and I are married,  living in Washington DC, parents of two sons, and grandparents of two boys. Larry is retired from  the Congressional  Budget Office and I am continuing to teach piano (my 3rd career.) I also sing in various choruses throughout the year, most recently, this summer, “The Great American Songbook Chorus” at the Levine school of Music. We were accompanied by a jazz trio which enhanced our singing dramatically.

Over the years, Larry and I have enjoyed sailing, hiking, attending Nats  games and hanging out with our family, especially our lively  grandsons, now 7 and 9.

My longtime friendship with classmate Marsha Clinard has been especially  precious to me. She inspired me to return to singing, which has helped make my “later years” greatly fulfilling,

I regret I will not be able to attend the reunion as my chorus and piano lessons will be in full swing by that time.

However,  I’ve enjoyed reading the bios of our classmates and wish everyone health and happiness in these upcoming years.

Phyllis Mintz Eisenberg

I attended the U of Wis.
In 1964 moved to Chicago and went to work for Harris Bank/BMO in the government bond Dept selling Treasury bills and bonds.i became the first woman officer in that Dept.
I retired in 1981
I married Marvin Eisenberg in 1973.  He was the founder and pres. Of Kelly Corned Beef and Eisenberg gourmet hot dogs (look for them in your movie theater).
I have 2 step sons – 5 grands- and 3 great grands.
In 1988 we bought a second home in Palm Springs calif
We went there every winter.
Unfortunately Marvin  died in 2017.
I keep busy with lectures – bridge -but my real passion is with the many charities I am involved with- 2 of which have honored me in the past and in February I will be honored by STEINWAY society- after school music classes
I have had a wonderful life and can’t wait to share stories with all of our other classmates.


I am grateful to West High School where I spent 1957 – 1958 as an AFS student. I lived with Joanne Lillywhites family and had an extra family Marsha Clinards.

Joanne and her brother came to see me in Europe in 1961 and came with her father to see me in New York in 1980.

Marsha and her husband came to see me in Sweden in 1965 and 2015.

I graduated from Medical school in 1969. During my training I worked as a doctor in radiology 1965 ,surgery 1968, infectious deseases, internal medicine 1969, psychiatry,  general medicine 1974, neurosurgery 1978, tropical medicine in Bangkok 1970. Specialized in Opthalmology in 1979, had a fellowship at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary in New York in 1980, attended King Khaled Eye hospital in Ryadh regularly 1991 – 1996. Helped a friend eye-doctor in Oman , attended eye-hospital in Yemen.

Married Steen in 1964, he studied law and in 1967 he started to work for Ministry of Foreign Affaiirs.

We have been posted to London 1968-69, Bangkok 1969 -71, Geneva 1971 -74, New York 1979 -83, Paris 1987 – 91, Saudiarabia,Oman Yemen 1991 -1996,  Iran 2000 – 2003.

We have three daughters born 1965, 1967 and 1979. five grandchidren.

We retired in 2007.

We both enjoyed the 50 th and 55 th reunion.

Sorry my husband is too weak to travel to Madison again so we cannot join the 60 th reunion.

We live in Djursholm 10 km north of Stockholm, we bought a house here in 1974 and we will live here as long as we can the house was built in 1905 with a garden which keeps us busy.  Steen has to walk his dog every day.

I would have liked to be with you for the reunion what a nice program you have organized


After graduation I attended the U of Wi and got a degree in physical therapy.

My career consisted of about twenty years of working mainly with handicapped children, in hospital, homes or schools as I balanced my life as a homemaker and mother of three.

Larry and I were married in 1964, and have had a wonderful life living in White Bear Lake, Mn, a suburb of St Paul. We have lived for 48 years in the same house on a lovely lake, where we enjoy boating, and some fishing, and swimming,  we also enjoy the cultural amenities of the Twin Cities, music and theater.  I’ve been retired for 25 years, Larry for 20 years.Music has always been a focus of our lives, something that still gives much enjoyment.

Our three children are doing well, and our 10 grandchildren, 8 boys and 2 girls, range in age from 24 years to 22 months. (One grandson is just beginning a college career at UW.).  Our older son and daughter and families live near us in Mn. Our youngest son and his wife and four young children live in So. Cal, which gives us reason to spend a month or two in Ca. to be near them, enjoying the kids and escaping some of the Mn winter.

Thankfully we have enjoyed good health.  It’s a wonderful life!


I married jim Fitzgibbon shortly after graduation and we had 5 children

Jim passed away in 1977

My working years were spent in retail and the insurance Industry.

I enjoy retirement by spending time with my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren -along with some volunteer work.

To my surprise our classmate William Kaeser Is grandfather to my youngest grandchild.
We’ve all learned a lot about life but what I believe is — what you learn with pleasure you never forget.



Happily, I’m still teaching wannabe lawyers full-time and enjoying the good life in Oregon (the state, not the Madison-area town). After high school came BA and MA degrees (UW-Madison), army service, a JD degree (Harvard Law School), a federal court clerkship, and several years of work in Washington, D.C. I then jumped at an opportunity to teach international and comparative (foreign) law in Oregon, where most of my extended family already resided, including my only sibling, Ralph (West ’55). I’ve never looked back. During the main school year I teach at Willamette University in Salem (capital cities seem to be my thing) and in the summer at the U. of California-Davis. I’ve also taught as a visitor at a number of other universities, including the UW-Madison and Marquette. Overall, the combination of classroom teaching and writing is still endlessly (though not always) enjoyable. My latest book, Comparative Law and Anthropology, was published last December. For exercise I hike, ski and jog (three miles slowly).

Having always been somewhat of a professional groupie and collaborator, I’m currently keeping busy as a Vice Chair of the International Law Association, headquartered in London; Secretary of the American Society of International Law; and Honorary President of the International Association of Sports Law. I’m also a member of the State Department’s advisory committee on international law–quite a challenge these days, as you can imagine. Another challenge is trying to keep in close touch with my five godsons, distributed among three continents. But challenges, they say, are what keep us young in spirit.

I owe a lot to my education at West. Our 50th reunion was great fun albeit awkwardly wedged into a three-day weekend away from my teaching at Trinity College in Dublin. Now I’m looking forward to seeing so many of you youngsters at our 60th. Beyond that, my welcome mat is out here for everyone in the remarkable class of ’58.


I retired after 35 years of work to indulge in my many hobbies.

I made many quilts and gifted them to the various family members.

I also make doll clothes for each of my three great grandnieces.

Now I have been writing memories and short stories. I had several published in the Westley times.

I also published a book telling how my husband and I acquired our cats. It can be ordered through Barnes and Noble.

I entered two contests with my writings – – waiting to hear back.

Looking forward to seeing all my classmates


   I am still living in Madison several miles from 2104 University Avenue where I lived in high school. I attended the UW in the fall of 1958 and met my husband that fall at the “pharm” (Rennebohm on State and Lake). We dated for two years and were married on December 16, 1960.  I then worked until Keith finished Law School in January 1962.

About a week (January 26) after Keith graduated our daughter, Kristin, was born. The excitement of the first child and the adventure to move to Seattle where Keith had accepted a job with Boeing Aircraft soon became a great sadness.  Our daughter Kristin was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome which we had never heard of before. I didn’t want to leave the support of my mother, Keith’s family or our friends. We needed so much support.

However, living in Dane County was the best place to live if your family had a special needs child.  We got involved in a parents group and from then on we advocated for improved social services and educational programs for both Dane County and the state of Wisconsin.

We were blessed to have two other children, John and Anna who graduated from Memorial High School and the UW.

Anna received a MS degree from Minnesota and had worked in Marketing at Nabisco, General Mills and Hornet. John has a real estate appraising firm in the Chicago area. Both have a son and daughter.

In the early 1980’s I returned to the UW part time getting a degree in Social Work. Dr. Lou Brown, professor in behavioral disabilities, hired me to interview parents and teachers in order to help design an educational curriculum for children at the “trainable” level. This was a national objective at that time.

Kristin is now 56 years old and has lived in an apartment with the same roommate for over 30 years. We parents of the 6 individuals living there purchased the 4 unit apartment building and transferred ownership to a non-profit. They can live there for their life.

Thanks to her high school teacher, Mrs. Pitot-Frank, the daughter of DR. Henry Pitot who was the director of the McArdle Cancer Laboratory at the UW, they found a place for Kristin to work.

She has worked at McArdle for over 35 years delivering supplies to the lab technicians.

As I look back on those sad early years I can now say that it was the support of friends and family that enabled us to provide Kristin the life she has been able to enjoy. I find it difficult to believe that the time we spent in high school is still such a heartwarming memory of my friends from that time. I miss so many of you and look forward to seeing you at the reunion.



After graduating from University of Wisconsin with a degree in Occupational Therapy I worked in Colorado.  There I met my husband while climbing mountains and we were married in 1965.  The next year we flew to Alaska in our Cessna 170 for a vacation and we never left.  We settled in Anchorage where Ken became a partner in a consulting engineering firm, DOWL Engineers, and I worked as an Occupational Therapist and Special Education Teacher .  We flew all over this wonderful state having some great adventures and meeting wonderful people.  We now live in the woods on Big Lake where I continue to enjoy rehabilitating wild birds, gardening, and mushing.  We have three adult children all married and living in Anchorage and 8 grandchildren ranging in age from 18 to 2 years.


As always, slow on responding to e-mails!  Got an Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology from University Hospitals, Madison in 1960.  Taught same at various hospital based programs starting with Kenosha, WI; Springfield, MO and lastly St. Mary’s here in Madison.  Got married in 1962 to a wonderful gal from Janesville who graduated from St. Mary’s School of Nursing.  Spent 2 years with the Army (not by choice) and located at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO followed by a year Camp Casey, Korea a few miles south of the DMZ.  Got a chance to do a lot of sightseeing while on field duty!  But better than spending time in Viet Nam.  Returned to Madison in 1965 and have been here since.  Worked at UW Hospital from 1970 until I retired in 2000 from the Nuclear Medicine Section of Radiology.  Also began a 25 year stint teaching Genealogy classes at MATC which led to my 2nd career.  I have been at the Norwegian American Genealogical Center in Madison but have finally decided enough is enough and will retire in 2020.  I am the head researcher which is a fun job especially since I get time off to travel whenever the mood strikes.  We have 2 children (also alumni of West), a son and a daughter.  Both are married and live in Madison.  Our son has 2 daughters, one finishing her last semester at UW-Whitewater and the other a sophomore at Alabama.  My daughter only has grand cats!

Have lived on the north side of Madison since 1999, currently in Cherokee Gardens Condos which we love, pool only steps from our front door.  Health wise, some rough spots.  I have had 4 bouts of cancer, various kinds but have been clean since 2015 so keep on biking, swimming, walking to stay healthy.  Oh, you might say “old age” but I don’t like that term but I have had both knees replaced which helps with the fore mentioned activities.  Looking forward to the 15th and thanks to all who have worked to put this together.


After graduating in ‘58,  I married Barbara Lowell from Madison East High School in 1961. The following year my father and I started Perkins Oil Company.  From 1964 to 1970 my son, Richard, and two daughters, Debra and Krista, were born. I have 6 grandchildren, ages 6 to 29.  In 1970 my younger brother and I purchased the company from our father and I became the president of Perkins Oil.  My wife, Barb, died in 2000.  Two years later I was fortunate to meet Sandra Stephens and a few months later we married, each retired and built a new home.  That was 16 years ago and today we live in Seminole Forest in Fitchburg.  When I retired my son Richard took over the business. He has locations in Madison, Milwaukee and Sparta.

In the mid-80s I got interested in all types of biking:  road biking and racing, self-contained bike touring and camping, mountain biking, and now Sandra and I ride 3-wheel recumbents, primarily on paved trails.  I’ve bicycled over 100,000 miles in the last 30+ years.

My travels include Germany, Austria, France, Portugal, Italy, Venezuela, cruises to Alaska, the Caribbean and several trips to Hawaii. Cross country skiing in Norway, mountain biking in the Canadian Rockies and a month-long biking and camping trip in Australia.

Judy Plaenert Olson (added 4/25/19)

After raising three daughters who graduated from West High, Judy returned to school and received a Masters of Public Policy from the LaFollette Institute.  Judy was elected to five terms to the Madison City Council where she served as President for two years.  Judy was a mayoral aide for six years and was Director of Public Policy and Planning for the City of Park Falls, Wi.  Judy and her husband Jim (West 57) have nine grandchildren and one great child. They reside in Madison.

Jacquelyn (Jackie) Plenke Krajewski

     After graduating I attended the UW, married, had a son (Eric), divorced and remarried.  My husband and I have lived in New York (Sag Harbor in the Hamptons) and owned Baywoods, a garden and landscaping shop that we sold six years ago.

We own a Villa in Stuart, FL in the Mariner Sand Community by Hobe Sound on Jupiter Island, Tiger Wood’s home.  We plan to sale our house in Sag Harbor that we’ve lived in for 20 years and move to our Villa in Florida.

Since my back surgery, I’ve had trouble with my left foot and have had to give up golfing.  So now I plan to start painting and writing a children’s book.


Dave Quady

My wife Nancy Boas and I have two children, a daughter who is a senior at Syracuse University and a son who works as a chef in Boston. I also have two sons from a previous marriage, and four grandchildren. Nancy and I live in Berkeley, where we thoroughly enjoy all that the San Francisco Bay area offers in the way of cultural opportunities and recreational activities. Birdwatching has become my main pastime; it offers a reason to get out of the house at any time of the year, and to travel anywhere, locally or around the world, to chase interesting birds or explore some unknown land. Example: I just returned from a nearly month-long trip to Gabon, which sits astride the equator on the west coast of Africa, and to the nearby small offshore island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe. Fascinating countries. Good birding. What’s not to like?

Of course, I needed to do something to finance our current lifestyle …  After graduation I enrolled in chemical engineering at the University of Wisconsin, and then began work with Chevron Corporation once I’d acquired all the degrees the UW offered. My first job dealt with catalyst development, but over a 30+-year career (interrupted by two years in the Army) I had many other assignments, including economic analysis, refinery management, corporate planning, and international oil and gas work. Perhaps my single most gratifying job was to manage Chevron’s interest in a platinum-palladium mineral prospect in Montana during the time our two partners and we decided to develop the Stillwater Mine. It is still thriving after nearly 40 years of operation.


Chuck Radke (updated 4/25/19)

After graduation, I enlisted in the  US Air Force, with assignments at Lackland AFB, San Antonio TX, Homestead AFB, FL,  Zaragoza AB Spain, and Sidi Slimane AB Morocco.

After my enlistment was completed, I returned to Madison in 1963.  I married Mary Durkopp (class of 1960) in November 1963.

In 1966 I had and opportunity to join Texaco at the Madison (McFarland) terminal.  That started a 32 career that ended with retirement in September 1998.  As “corporate gypsies”, we moved to St Paul/Minneapolis, back to Madison as Terminal Superintendent, to Lockport, IL  as Assistant Plant Manager.  Then on to  Oak Brook, IL as Coordinator of Administration.  In 1982 due to corporate reorganization, our next calling was to Houston, TX serving as Senior Analyst C&I Marketing; Coordinator, Budget, Planning & Economics; Coordinator, Lubricant Sales Marketing.  We were in Houston for 16 years until retirement in 1998.  Sometime during our stay in Houston, Texaco was acquired by Chevron, so I ultimately retired from Chevron

Our daughter Julie was born in 1964.  She lives in Orland Park, Ill with husband Bob.  We have 2 grandchildren, Rebecca, 24, who graduated from UW Madison,  and is now going for her Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology at UW Stevens Point;  Jacob (18) is a freshman at Indiana University.

After retirement, we decided to move to Bloomington (Ellettsville) Indiana area, to be closer to Julie & family.   While living in Indiana, I had the opportunity to work in the Tasting Room of Oliver Winery, conducting tours of the facility and telling visitors about the different wines produced at the winery.  During that time, Mary shared her love for cooking by doing some catering for winery events.  It was great fun.

In 2006 we decided to return to the warmer weather of  Texas, and moved to Plano.  In 2014 we sold our house, and moved to a “active 55+” apartment community.

In April 2019, we moved back “home” to an active 55+ community in Cottage Grove, WI.  It is great being back!

Still enjoy maintaining the class website for almost 20 years, plus some local volunteering.

Denny Raffill

 I was in the Navy for four years, then started my own business in htg and AC. Married to the former Cindy Way for 54 years. I have a son Dan who lives in CO and a daughter Debbie Hanson in Madison. I like to golf and I enjoy monthly lunches with a few classmates. This summer I went on the Honor Flight to Washington DC with other veterans and had a fantastic time. I recommend the Honor Flight to other veterans


 We, the “Silent Generation”, were born at a wonderful time. Growing up in Shorewood Hills/Madison in the 40’s and 50’s was a kid’s dream. Four years at West High, 1954-58 were special— many lasting relationships!

After Graduation, I attended Denison University in Ohio. Excellent Liberal Arts School but after two years, UW’s fraternity beer suppers on campus  and lower in-state tuition were calls for me to return home. Still a little playboy in me!

With a BS Degree in Economics under my belt, I entered the “real world” starting in Chicago. An entry level management position at Western Electric combined with studies at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business, kept me busy.

Suddenly, a  blind date with Nancy Markham from Ann Arbor, MI plus a hole-in-one on the same day, was fortuitous.

We”tied the knot” two years later on June 26, 1965.

With a promotion in 1966, I moved to WE’s  Headquarters on Wall Street in NYC.  Living in the Big Apple, without children, was a fun exciting time! I earned an MBA at NYU’s Stern’s College of Business, honored on a Special Panel with famous Author/Management Consultant,Peter   Drucker.

After quitting my corporate job, I took my   “ bride” for a one month tour of Europe in   a VW Bug  on a $1,500 budget!

Next, we moved West to “Cow Town” Denver to start a family and eventually a career in commercial real estate. Raising two kids in Colorado with great outdoor activities was a highlight of our lives.

Today, as empty nesters, son, Andy- married, two children,( Hana 5, Mari 3 ) Northwestern, Harvard, Oxford-World Bank, Washington DC/Sidney, Australia ; daughter, Molly- married, two children (Luella 8, Gio 5,) University of Washington, Seattle. Four cute fun “twigs” on the Family Tree!

I still enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains- fly-fishing, skiing, hiking. Mountain climbing, biking, golf, tennis now mostly on the back burner.
Also, I find time for Denver Bronco and Rockies  games, non-credit adult education classes nearby at Denver University, volunteer work at a Food Bank, Bonsai/Viewing Rock Club, and simply chilling out in our Frank Lloyd Wright style home in a Historic District with a good book, glass of wine next to our backyard special waterfall. No rocking chair yet!

Like many of us, travel is a passion  (experiences/memories vs toys/stuff) as a tourist, international volunteer with Cross Cultural Solutions, even an owner—Mount Kilimanjaro View Lodge in Tanzania, Africa.

For bi-annual family reunions, we still have a time-share escape to picturesque Hanalei Bay on the Island of Kauai.

Wow, 78, where has the time gone? People in their 20’s used to be old!

After 60 years, I am looking forward to returning to my roots in Madison to catch up with the classmates going over all our health issues-operations, aches and pains as well as count our blessings.

It has been a nice journey! Hopefully, for all of us, it will continue for many more years!

God bless,

Rags  “Ballard”


Received BS and MA from U Wisconsin. Joel and I were married in 1962–55+ adventure-filled years so far. Taught French to grades 7-9.

Moved to Boulder Colorado where I earned JD and Joel got PhD. Moved to Anchorage Alaska in 1981 and continue to participate in the hunting and fishing lifestyle. Daughter Joanna and her husband live nearby.

We enjoy hiking and bird-watching and traveling to places we can do both. Arizona is our favorite state to visit, and Namibia, Ecuador, Taiwan and New Zealand are favorite countries. I am currently a docent at the Anchorage Museum and a member of our Neighborhood Association board. Summer activities also include weeding my rock garden and spending time at our cabin.

 Bob Risley

Having sold our Materials Handling business in 2006 we moved from Annapolis to Naples Fl where for something to do I started new businesses, Fishing for Fun, Fix It for Fun and Grandpa’s Garage.

With 53 years of marriage we have been blessed, four children, 7 Grandchildren and a rewarding career. Our children are professionals, Patent Attorneys, a Business Consultant and a Doctor. Our Grandkids are emerging from colleges with promise.

My engineering background (BSME UW) helped me throughout my career.

Anheuser Busch St Louis, Project Engineer

Carling Brewery Belleville, Plant Engineer

Schlitz Brewery, Milwaukee, Director Engineering

Pepsi International, New York, VP Engineering

Barry Wehmiller, St Louis, VP Marketing

GEA, Columbia MD, President

AMBEC, Baltimore, President

Materials Handling Systems, Savage MD, Owner

Every job from Anheuser Busch to Materials Handling Systems was better than the previous job. We had opportunities for innovation. The companies were growing rapidly, and this environment dictated new thinking. I achieved 11 patents on concepts for productivity.

Travel has been an enjoyable perk, for example Pepsi wanted us to take our families on a trip around the world every year and executives were challenged to put our hand in every ocean and run in every major city in the world.



I graduated from UW-Madison where I majored in Computer Science and Real Estate.  After a few years as a computer programmer at University Hospitals, I got involved with software for real estate property management, as well as owning apartments in the Madison area.  Later I started my own software company that computerized over 3,000 property management firms, mostly in the United States.  I sold that company in 2005, and retired in Naples, FL.

38 years ago, Karen and I were married.  I had two daughters, and Karen had three sons and a daughter.  We delight in getting the family together, and that includes 8 wonderful grandchildren.

We enjoy time with family and friends, golf and traveling.  We will not be able to attend the class reunion because we will be leaving for a tour of China, a few days later.

Gary G. Schultz

Wife: Ruth Darlington, 1956 graduate of West High


BA in Philosophy – UW, Madison

Master of Divinity – McCormick Seminary, Chicago

Masters in Counseling Psychology/Guidance – UW, Madison

TESOL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), WESLI, Madison


Daughter: Anne Schultz

Librarian University of New Mexico Science and Engineering Library

Son: Steve Schultz

Corporate Communications Manager, Madison Gas and Electric Co.


Ordained clergy, United Presbyterian Church; served 5 years at Pres House on Madison UW campus; five years as Associate Pastor, Northminster Presbyterian Church, Evanston, Illinois; 20 years as Associate Presbyter for Milwaukee Presbytery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

From 1980 to 2000 I commuted from Evanston to work in Milwaukee.  Ruth continued her library career at the American Dental Association in Chicago.  We stayed in Evanston so both children could graduate from Evanston Township High School, an excellent preparation for their futures.

After an early retirement in 2000, I made 12 trips to Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India where I set up a program using U.S. and Canadian volunteers to teach spoken English to orphans and semi-orphans in three children’s homes.

In 2012 we returned to Madison to be near our three grandchildren where we help out with school pickups and some child care.



Broward Community College (FL.) 1989 – 2000


Charles “David” Elver 1959 2006 (Deceased).

Son: Charles David, Jr., Director of Security, Kaiser University FL

Daughter: Kimberly Ambrose, Field Support Manager with Academy Mortgage, Denver, CO. ,

Son: Dennis “Hugh” Elver,  Electrician , Charlotte, N.C.

Grandchildren: None.

I worked as an Insurance Agent, 1981 – 2006

2006 I moved from FL. back to  DeForest, WI. I live in a 55+ community. I worked part-time in the 55+ community as Office Assistant. 2007 – 2017. 2009 – 2013 I managed the DeForest Farmer’s Market. I love outdoor activities and travel. I have been to 27 countries and now traveling the U.S.. Have visit San Antonio, San Francisco, New York City, Sedona and this week Nashville. 2019 will take me to the Canadian Rockies.

Once a year I visit  the children and once a year they visit me. I do volunteer work and enjoy being retired.

Guy Simpler

Only attended Madison West for senior year, having been transferred from Highland Park IL.  Dad was executive with Ohio Medical Products based in Madison.  Got BS from UW and went to Creighton Medical School (Omaha NE) as a grad student on a grant from US govt to study electron microscopy.  Stayed there two years.  In the meantime had gotten married and had first child.

Moved back to north shore of Chicago, had another daughter and a son and after a few years in management consulting was recruited to Washington DC, on the staff of the Secretary of Interior, White House and NASA.  Left Washington after 4 years, back to Illinois and then to Texas where I lived until 2005.  Wife (#2) bank executive, got transferred to Charlotte NC, eventually retiring in 2017.  My last twelve years of work was as General Manager of a home building company based in SC.

Everyone bored so far?  I’m getting there.  Present status:  Still living in Charlotte NC (beautiful area), great house, lots of flowers, herd of 13 deer who visit us daily, mild winters usually, near the mountains, decent restaurants, etc.  This sounds like a Chamber of Commerce plug.  Have 3 kids, 6 grandsons, 1 grand daughter and 2.95 great grand kids.  (Great grandson being born today 4/23/19).

We travel a fair amount, mostly cruises headed east – transatlantic, med, Europe, etc.  Also have an RV which we wander around in mostly eastern US.  Jane’s dad is 102 years old, retired WWII veteran.  He was the radar tech who checked out the radar on the Enola Gay the night before the big blast.

I have a sister living in Texas, a brother in Washington DC, and all my kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and ex are living in Texas.  We’ve been very lucky, life is good.  Except for back issues (steel plates and screws) I’m in tolerable shape.

Haven’t been to Madison in years but have fond memories of it.  Nice city about 1000 miles too far north.  Good luck to everyone.  I probably didn’t know you and couldn’t remember you anyhow.  I’m sure you don’t know who I am/was.  Enough of this….  Best of luck.

Guy Simpler


After my husband Bernie died in Sept of 2005 I took off in my RV and hit the road I have been to Every State in the U.S.A, 41 Days in Alaska,4 Months in Arizona, Florida, visiting my 5 Children and  16 Grandchildren,and 10 Great Grandchildren as of August 15,2018 another 11th Great Grandson. Also went by Plane to Hawaii, Egypt, Jordan, and the Holy Land in all my travels I have filled lots of my bucket list. With Dog Sledding, and crossing over the arctic circle by a 8 women seater air plane which included the woman pilot. Flew in a float plane. And almost fell over the edge of Salmon Glacier.  But my God and partner saved me from going over the edge.
(At this point the glacier divides into two parts, one flowing north into Summit Lake (elevation 826 m.) and the other flowing south to a terminus some 10 km. from the bend, at an elevation of 175 m. )

I Thank God for helping me and my Two Yorkers for successfully touring some Awesome God made scenery over the 13 Years of RVing.  I Regret not being able to make it for the 65th union, my wish is for you all to enjoy, And hopefully We will all make it to the 70th.


After graduating at West High, I completed my Italian school period obtaining the Classic Lyceum diploma (1958). Then I graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Genova University, followed by a 1,5 year period in the Air Force (antiaircraft system).  I married Milena (Sept. 14, 1968!!!), had two girls: Francesca, married to a French-Italian, two grandchildren, twins, a boy and a girl now 10 years old, and Anna, single who, sadly for me, has not given any contribution, as far as grandchildren are concerned.  I started working at the Fiat Cars Company, then I was employed in an important Company (Franco Tosi) in the field of Power Generation (Boilers and Steam Turbines).
Initially in the Turbines Design Dept., then Field Engineer, Project Manager and finally responsible for all foreign projects: so I travelled in Europe, Bahrain (where I lived 10 months), several times in Jordan (Aqaba Power Plant), Jeddah (at that time the world biggest desalination plant), Malta, Turkey, Japan (Mitsubishi in Nagasaki), New Zealand.
During this period, I had the opportunity to work and confront myself with important Consulting Organisations, as Chas T. Main (Boston), P.C.R. and Kennedy Dunkin and Eubank (all Great Britain). In 1976 Tosi Company and Bechtel Power Corporation (Los Angeles) joined in view of developing a series of new nuclear power stations in Italy, in addition to those already operating: so I lived with my family in Russellville, Arkansas, for one year. I visited my American family in Madison (at 1976 Thanksgiving). Unfortunately, because of the Chernobyl disaster, the whole Italian nuclear system has been later dismantled : but, at least, I had the opportunity to have a second wonderful experience in the USA.
In 1992 the Company has been incorporated in another one, so I resigned and I started working as independent consultant: new life, new experiences, new contacts as Black&Veatch (Kansas City) for a new plant in Bangladesh and some trips to Tokyo (Sumitomo) and Osaka (Hitachi).
Other two small projects in Italy, then my professional life came to an end in 2007. Milly and I became tourists: Normandie, Camargue, Andalusia, Amsterdam, Israel (very impressive), Tunisia, Moscau and S.Petersburg (I suggest to visit Russia, forgetting all the past years of a soviet USSR troubles maker Nation).
Music lover, I restarted to play piano (not very well), studying mainly Historical periods, some gardening and grandchildren care.
I have been visited by Gary Jacobson (1960), Joanne Lillywhite, Patrick Coffee recently, and two years ago by Eric and Maida Wedell: we spent two days touring Milano and climbing, with great effort, to the top of the Milano Cathedral – Duomo, during the hottest possible day: sorry for Maida!

I believe, from what said above, you understand how valuable  has been for me what I learned at West:  the language, the way of thinking, how to get organised and how to perform things in the American way: so many thanks to you all, each of you have given an important help to me.

Apart some other inconveniences, I have gone through four hearth angioplastic operations, with related Stents, in a period of seven months: even if I am presently living an almost normal life, I have been warmly suggested to take it easy, for the time being. So the trip to Madison, programmed since long, will not take place.
Sorry, very sorry. I also see that the three foreign students, Katarina, Evert and I, this time will not be at the meeting.

In the past years I have been in touch with Karin Potter, Barbara Duwe, Gary Schultz, Margy Freed, Karen Mennes (thanks again for your DVD), Bill Lautz, Nancy Thielen, Maria Messina, Jim Nafziger, Ann Teegardin, Katarina and Evert. I follow with interest Warren’s long trips. Marcia Haville knew I like classical music: very kindly, together with a touching letter, she sent me a CD with her recoding of the Mendelssohn’s piano concert n° 1 in G minor op 25, performed at West on Jan. 26. 1958 (her birthday!) with the outstanding West Orchestra: the best gift ever.

I am living in Legnano, 15 miles north of Milano: if anyone passes close by, please let me know: i can be a good tourist guide.

Bye for now,  your friend Giorgio

PS – I do not know if what I ask is allowed  in the US: does anybody have some info about Dan Mermin, Roland Henry, Sandy Huchaby, Karen Hepner, Betsy Runkel? Thanks.

Anderson aka Karen Stone

My parents met &; married &; had their first-born while enrolled in UW-Madison in the 1930’s. And BOTH received their M.D. degrees there, back when women physicians were rare. I was the 2 nd of their 5 girls &; they somehow thought, tho they divorced, that I should be the one to also pursue an M.D. degree. But that was not to be. Instead, after one year @ the UW-MSN myself, I married &; had 2 sons &; didn’t return to continue until 1967.  Because I had only received mostly B’s in math, @ West, I chose to pursue a master’s degree in social work, w/ a goal of health care admin., preferably in family planning. After a brief stint as an AFDC social worker, I was therefore thrilled to be hired as the Family Planning Program Director sponsored by a war-on-poverty grant to the Community Action Commission in ’74.  Oh but some months later our boards of directors wanted to become a Planned Parenthood &; I was summarily fired! (BTW, PP came to Madison anyway &; later received that grant.)

I was then lucky to find a position at the UW Med school as coordinator of the “Instructor-Patient” course recruiting women to serve as the first “patient” for med. and physician-ass’t students performing their first pelvic exams while receiving guidance from the women they were examining. I also recruited folks w/ chronic medical findings who with some training from their physicians allowed students the opportunity to practice their physical exam skills and taking a medical history. This is now standard training in all US medical schools but was a novel concept then. After 7 years there, I decided to become a PA myself. With the calculators then newly available, I got A’s in math and pre-PA science courses and received that degree in ’84. Because my Pa had paid for most of my education, I assisted him for a year closing out his 50 years of medical practice and learning a great deal from that informal “internship”.

In April 1986 I lost my younger son @ age 25—as anyone who has lost a child will understand, that is the worst blow life can deal a parent and remains the most painful part of my life.

I shortly thereafter began employment at the VA Hosp. as a cardiac surgery PA removing vein for cardiac bypass procedures and helping to close the chest. I was in this position for 20 years and thoroughly enjoyed this satisfying work for our veterans. As I neared retirement, I became a couple w/ an M.D. member of the 1 st Unitarian Society I’d met there many decades earlier. He’d been in Family Practice &; then had re-careered into Radiology, &; he’d become a widower one year earlier. What can I say? Violins played! Ed &; I have be n a couple nearly 13 years &; married for 8. We share the same political views, religious affiliation and of course interest in medical topics, and what’s more, he cooks! We last worked in the winter of 2010 on the island of Saipan, a US possession near Guam in the western Pacific, and we both retired later that year.

To stay busy &; active in retirement, I do volunteering such as helping folks file their taxes w/ the free AARP program. I also go to the gym daily plus have biked on dozens of week-long bike tours since I was 53, most recently a 266 mile ride in the very hilly driftless area in western WI. I have helped both my beloved grand- daughters cover college expenses. I am extremely grateful that my son Jeff and his spouse live close-by. Overall, with the exception of losing my younger son, I have been one lucky lady!

Frank Swanson

At UofW I received my BSEE degree along with my Bachelor of Naval Science degree in 1963. Upon graduation I was commissioned an Ensign in the Naval Reserve and spent the next two years aboard the USS Arcadia (AD-23) as the Communications Officer. The ship’s home port was beautiful Newport, RI, but while I was onboard we were deployed for six months to Naples, Italy in support of the 6th Fleet and two 6-week trips to San Juan, Puerto Rico, for Operation Springboard replenishing torpedoes during the winter exercises. Upon release from active duty in 1965, I got a summer intern position in the program office (Crew Integration Branch) of the Apollo moon landing program at the Manned Spacecraft Center south of Houston (now known as the Johnson Space Center). That fall I attended Stanford University to get my MSEE degree in 1966, and then went to work for IBM in San Jose, CA, in the Small Scientific Systems group designing central processing units (CPU’s) for computers. When that group was transferred to Boca Raton, Florida, I went to work at IBM’s Advanced Computer Systems group in Menlo Park, CA. I finished my IBM tenure back in San Jose designing the electronics for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) fare transaction (ticket) system.

Shortly after starting work at IBM, I married my wife, Beverly, who was a 4th grade school teacher, and three years later we had our first child, Jeffrey. Shortly thereafter we moved from an apartment in Mountain View to a brand new house in a little town west of San Jose, called Cupertino where we reside to this day (we actually moved in on the day of the first Apollo moon landing). I left IBM in 1971 to join a start-up, Versatec, maker of electrostatic printer/plotters where I designed the electronics to attach the machines to mini-computers and large mainframes. Our second child, Jennifer, was born in 1972. Jeff is currently an electrical engineer with Intel in Santa Clara, and Jennifer is a 1st grade teacher at Booksin Elementary School in Willow Glen. They both live nearby in Sunnyvale, CA. During the 14 years at Versatec, my job functions evolved into being more of a systems engineer and eventually into engineering management. I left Versatec in 1985 to take positions with several other start-up companies to make my fortune (which by the way never did happen): Precision Image, Pyramid Technology, HAL Computer Systems and finally Fujitsu Corp. I retired in 2001 when Fujitsu moved their engineering development to Japan and that was a bad time to get a new job at my age. So I turned my longtime hobby of videography into a part-time business making videos of weddings, recitals, sports events, memorials, marketing, training aides, and so forth, not to mention a bunch of free video DVD’s for my friends and relatives over the years. It was called Swanson Video Productions, until I closed shop in 2011.

In 1985 I  retired from the Naval Reserve at the rank of Captain having served during those 22 years in various billets and summer two-week training locations such as aboard aircraft carriers, mine sweepers and destroyers, not to mention naval bases at Rota Spain, London England, Sasebo Japan, and Mare Island California. In my spare time now I get out to play tennis (doubles) three times a week with a bunch of other old guys, run the audio/video system at our church once a month, do lots of outside yard work and take care of my wife who has some medical issues. Life has been a good and interesting ride since my graduation in 1958 from Madison West. Glad I was able to attend our 50th -and 55th reunions, but sorry that I cannot attend this years with you all.

Rodney Sweet

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1962 with a BS in economics.   I was commissioned upon graduation but got a one-year deferment.  Helen Cohen (from Green Bay) and I were married in September, 1962 and we moved to Champaign, Illinois where I was a research assistant in the University of Illinois Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations.  In  August, 1963, I received a Master’s Degree and the Army immediately ordered me to active duty. I spent 6 weeks at the Adjutant General’s School at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis. Then the Army sent us to the Presidio of San Francisco where I served as personnel officer at XVII Corps and then transferred to Headquarters, Sixth Army as a press officer.  In September, 1965, I started law school at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.  I graduated in 1968 with a JD Degree and have practiced law in San Francisco and the East Bay ever since.  We have two sons, Michael, who was born in 1969, and Sam, who was born in 1975. Michael graduated from UCLA law school and is a partner at Fox Rothschild in San Francisco. His wife Debbie is also a lawyer and is assistant general counsel for Citrix Systems,Inc. They have two daughters, Adina and Raquel.   Sam got a PhD in psychology from DePaul University in Chicago and is a psychologist at Kaiser Foundation in San Francisco.  His wife, Aurora, is director of certificated personnel in the Hayward Unified School District.  They have two children, a son Elliot and a daughter, Arianna.  It’s great having all the grandchildren in the immediate area.

I am in my third retirement but this time it is for good.  I plan to go inactive as a lawyer the end of the year.  Helen and I are avid photographers and we travel to various locations around the world to take pictures. After the reunion we are going to Chicago to  photograph architecture.  In October we will attend the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which is something we have done for over 40 yeas.  In February, 2019 we are going to Argentina and Chile.

We are looking forward to the reunion and renewing old friendships.



After graduation from Wellesley I married journalist Skip Isaacs whose work took us from Baltimore, MD to Brazil, Washington DC, British Hong Kong, and China, and back to the Baltimore area where we now live on an inlet of the Chesapeake Bay where I can swim and kayak from my pier in the summer. At Thanksgiving, we will celebrate our 56th anniversary with our 3 children and their families including 7 grandchildren (ages 4-26). Along the way I got two masters degrees (Library Science and Educational Administration) worked in school and public libraries, taught in independent schools for 20 years (mostly middle school), taught English to Mandarin-speaking college students in Xi’an and children’s literature to aspiring teachers at Towson University. I’ve had 3 books about children’s literature and hundreds of book reviews professionally published. I continue to read and review and to serve on book evaluation committees. After 30 years I stopped singing with the Baltimore Choral Arts Society, and returned to the piano which I still play badly — but I practice more often than I did in high school. In June, at our college reunion, I saw Ann Koch Schonberger but will miss the rest of you this fall since I made my annual Madison family visit last spring.


In addition to undergraduate years at UW where I majored in sociology, I also studied  at Oxford Univ. England for a school year.  Before and after that, my husband (who I had met at UW) and I traveled around the world, with a highlight being one month in Bangkok. Back stateside, living for awhile in NYC and in Elgin IL, we had a daughter and a son. While they were young, my part time jobs included teaching preschool, helping resettle refugees, teaching ESL and doing elementary school librarianship.

When my marriage was ending, I went back to UW for a Master’s in Library and Information Studies. That brought me to a satisfying career as a Reference Librarian in a CA public library system.

With retirement I moved to the San Francisco Bay area and have loved the coastal climate, being near my two grandchildren and having easy access to the richness of cultural events I love. Along they way I’ve been active in peace and justice causes – which included taking some work/study time El Salvador.  Other recent travels have been to Costa Rica, and to Peru and the Galapagos.

This year we had a family vacation to Whistler, British Columbia with time to catch up with my adult kids, now a Textile Artist / RN and a Marine Biologist, and my equestrian, sports and nature loving grandchildren.

My interest in environmental concerns and ecosystems, led me to participate in an organization called Exploring a Sense of Place where studying and hiking together expands our awareness of the diverse bioregion where we live and our place in it. Other activities of mine each week usually include church, yoga, something musical, gardening and flower arranging.

Over the past 6 years I helped form, and now live in, a new cohousing community of 19 households.  We each have our own individually owned, complete condo, plus shared common space for dining, entertainment, exercise and crafts.  It’s a grand experiment in intentional living that keeps us learning and adjusting.  In this urban environment we chose to have underground parking, leaving room for fruit trees and 16 large raised beds for growing our own organic veggies and flowers. The original 1885 farmhouse on our property has been restored and serves as our guest house.

I’ll happily tell you more about cohousing at our reunion or by email. Looking forward to our gathering in Madison!


After graduating in ’58 I spent the next 2 years in California working as a personal assistant to an actor under contract to Warner Bros. I returned home in late ’61 and met and married my husband, Ron who had just graduated Medical School from the U of Mn.  We were married for 25 years and reared 3 children.

All three live in the Minneapolis area along with my four grands. After my divorce, I attended the U of Mn and graduated with a double major in Sociology/Psychology.  I immediately got my dream job as an investigating probation officer for the largest county in the state. My son and I graduated at the same time…he from St John’s Univ and me from U of M. Both daughters graduated with Masters…one from U of M and the other from U W in Madison.

Along the way I traveled extensively to Europe, Thailand, VietNam and Central America.  I feel fortunate to have done that traveling while my health was still excellent. The last 5 years have made me appreciate those years of good health. My prior interests were tennis, long distance bicycling, hiking and reading. I look forward to seeing you all in the very near future.


 Cheers classmates

Just a few highlights of my 60 years since West High Graduation.  First, it is so hard to believe it has been 60 years!

In 1961, Joan Muckinhern Kincaid and I drove across the U.S. in my car, stored the car in San Francisco and boarded a ship for Hawaii.  We intended to spend a few months at the university of Hawaii.  My few months turned into 3 years as I met and married my husband, Bob, there.

In 1964, when Bob was released from the Navy, we we drove back across with U.S. with our one year old son, Greg.   We ended up in Michigan where we have lived every since.  Our daughter, Sheryl, was born in 1965.

After many years of volunteer work…March of Dimes, United Fund, PTA, Jaycees, Cancer Drive, political elections, census taking, etc., I decided to enter the work force as a sales manager.  I retired in 1999.

Since retirement, Bob and I have been spending the winters in Florida , finally purchasing a home in Ft Myers in 2005.

Our family has grown to include a grandson, Robert, and a granddaughter, Christine.  We spend as much time as possible with them in Michigan in the summers and we are happy that they enjoy visiting us in Florida several times over the winter.

I stay active with golf and tennis and I have just taken up pickleball.

I have always been proud of the education I received at West High.  Amazingly,  I have been able to remember facts, historical dates, shorthand, spelling, algebra and even enough French to get along in France three different trips.

I am so sorry I will not be ble to attend  the 60th Re Union.  Cheers!



Univ. of Colorado, 1 ½ years

Univ. of Wisconsin, BA in Art Educ., 1963

Univ. of Wisconsin, MA, Art Education, 1969


Taught art in secondary schools in WI, AZ, AK, MA, and CT

While in grad school, I traveled to Nigeria for four months to illustrate and edit text books for Northern Nigeria Education Project.

Worked as an Acquisitions Editor at Davis Publications in Worcester, MA for two years.

Worked, part-time,  at the Visitor Center of Morton Arboretum In Lisle, IL for four(?) years.


I married George, a nuclear engineer, in 1979, and we had aa daughter, Robin, in 1981. She is married and lives in Portland, OR———-no grandkids.

Since we’ve been married we’ve lived in NH, CT, IL, and now in Bend, OR, where we retired————–LOVE IT (Bend and retirement!)

We’ve traveled extensively in the US and abroad, most of the trips being hiking or biking trips with Elderhostel/Road Scholar. We also enjoy hiking and kayaking locally.

I keep busy with my art work, gardening, reading and volunteering with Planned Parenthood.

I’m SO looking forward to seeing all of you!!


Karen Vanderheiden Wallander (updated 4/25/19)

I attended the UW-Madison and graduated in 1962 with a degree in Speech Therapy and Education.  My first job was in the Seattle, Washington public schools for two years; then I returned to the University for a Master’s Degree in Speech/Language Pathology. In June 1965 I married Jerry Wallander, a graduate student in Dairy and Food Science and Biochemistry.  I taught one semester in Madison. then retired to have our first child, Gregg, in 1966.  Lynne was born in 1967, and when Jerry finished school we moved to Evansville, Indiana for 37 years, where he worked for Mead Johnson, a nutritional food company and division of Bristol-Myers.  Our youngest daughter, Lesley, was born in Evansville in 1972.  I worked first in the Rehab Center there and then in the school system as a Speech/Language Pathologist.

After retiring in 1995 I volunteered at our Museum and a local Victorian home museum.  Our children went to college, married, and we now have 10 grandchildren, in Indianapolis, Chicago, and Hartland, Wisconsin.  They range in age from 27 to 12.  We returned home to Madison in 2004, where my father was still living and we enjoyed him until 2008, when he died.  We enjoyed traveling internationally after retirement, and are now traveling mostly for family visits as we continue to live in Madison.

Best to all classmates of 1958, and a particular thank you to those who work to keep the class coming together.

Karen Vanderheiden Wallander


How wonderful we are getting together, with or hopefully without or with flooding.

After The UW, Smith College  and Sarah Lawrence College, I taught at Columbia University School of Public Health and School of Social Work as an adj. professor for 14 years as a disability specialist.

I represented WILPF US at the UN, one of the UN ‘s 200 founders and just returned from Ghana, W. Africa a few days ago. From International House at CU I began traveling the world and the US.

I was in the invasion of NYC on 9/11. The Red Cross picked me from hundreds of NYS licenses to supervise on that gruesome night.

My book  Last Gentleman in the Middle  Distance will be published in 2019.

Pleasure is great coming to Madison and my cottage to see the Sperling’s, JoAnn Salin and Gary Schultz.  Much laughter.

Verne Vlack

After graduating from West I attended Wisconsin School of Electronics.  I owned and operated a tv and communications business till retiring seven years ago.  I married my wife Sharon in 1962 and just celebrated our 56th anniversary.  We have a son Greg and a daughter Lisa and four amazing granddaughters.  Since retiring we spend winters at our condo in Ft. Myers, Florida.  We currently live in Middleton.  We travel as much as possible and particularly enjoy cruises.

(Note  a home address was listed, and was removed due to website privacy policy.)


Barbara Watts Ploetz  (updated 9/4/18)

Mom died the spring before graduation, I was a lost soul but went to Chicago to study Interior Design.  Came back to Madison, went to work at Frautschi Furniture, taught at MATC, started my own business AND then met this great guy and fell in love, got married. A whole new life

Long story short  Then one day, Charlie dies and another new life started….well, not.  I was that lost soul again. But today I am fine

A little crazy at times, like this past June

Just my dog and I went camping (ok, motel every 3rd nite) for 17 days in WY, MT, ID.

It was cold, wet, and my body told me my age. As I said, searching for next mystery .

I had been in all 50 states before my 50th birthday, then backtracked to be able to say I had slept in all 50…..Charlie said enough backtracking.  But that’s not true, my quest in now to go into all 50 capitols…..leaving the 17th of Sept for Hawaii and one more Places to go, things to do before physical time runs out


I married in January before my graduation from the UW-Madison in 1962 (Bill Schmitz Edgewood 1957). We purchased a home on the west side of Madison and had three children in the 1960s. Mark, Eric and Becca were then raised in the country near Verona and all graduated from Verona High School where I worked in the Title 1 program for 10 years. Divorced in 1983, I joined the McKenna clan on St. Patrick’s Day 1986 when I married John “a quiet riot”. We began our journey together by moving to Chicago for a decade. Oak Park brought us close to the National Historic Site of the Home and Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright where I became a volunteer and   worked in educational outreach for the organization. We also maintained a cabin in Spring Green/Lone Rock so we continued the affiliation with FLLW on weekends. Taliesin and the Wyoming Valley School Cultural Arts Center quickly became part of our Wisconsin life. The next move was to London where we lived in Richmond for two years as John continued his engineering work. Travel was easy while there so we took advantage of many long weekends provided by the British government and found our way around Europe. Northern Ireland was the favorite of Mr. McKenna! In 2002 we returned to the USA by the southern hemisphere on the famous route from London to Lone Rock. That was 16 years ago and we are still in our Cabin in the Pines in Spring Green township. It is very close to the Wisconsin River which we cross almost daily. The Driftless area is one of the most beautiful in Wisconsin.

Thirty- two years later we have a combined family of five children (JV & Steven McKenna) and thirteen grandchildren. Two on their own in the world, 5 in colleges across the country and 6 in high school and middle grades in Minnesota. We maintain close ties with this growing gang and are always amazed at how much they know! However, at 78 it is still fun to challenge them. It has been a good life and we have been blessed with so much.


Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend the reunion this year, but will be thinking of all of you. I have really enjoyed reading the mini-bios that have come in, and decided to add a few lines myself.

After graduating from West, I attended the UW, where I got my degree in Elementary Education. Then, after graduation, in the summer of 1962, I married  Kirk, and we moved east to Cambridge, MA. I began my 41 year teaching career in Wayland,MA, where I taught mostly third grade with a few years of second interspersed, and Kirk did graduate work at Harvard and then MIT, in urban planning and economic development, and then worked at the consulting firm ADL and at MIT as a researcher.We have lived in MA ever since leaving Madison.

We have now both retired, and are living in Weston, MA. We both enjoyed our jobs very much, but are now enjoying retirement, and the variety of things it has to offer.