West High “Green Club” seeks alumni participation in fundraiser

I received the following email from Charles Hau, a member of the “Class of 2018” at West High, outlining what appears to be an incredible project taken on by the students.

It has been my longstanding policy not to provide classmate email addresses outside our community.  Therefore, I have chosen to publicize the “Green Club” project on this site, and allow each classmate to decide if they would like to personally participate in some way.

I encourage you to click on the links provided on Charles’ email to learn about the project and the organization.

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Solar Panels

Name: Charles Hua

Message Subject: Request eMail List

Your Comments/Message: Hi Chuck,

“My name is Charles Hua, and I am a rising senior (Class of 2018) at Madison West High School and president of West Green Club, a student-led coalition launched in 2001 that is committed to advancing environmental sustainability initiatives at West High and our local community. Over the last 16 years, West Green Club has been a driving force behind key sustainability projects, including West High’s new geothermal system, composting, electronics recycling, and lighting efficiency.

Since the start of 2017, we have been working with the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) and our local energy company (Madison Gas & Electric) for the planning, design, and installation of a solar panel array on the roof of Madison West High School. We launched our $50,000 fundraising campaign for this solar panel project in June 2017 and have met with resoundingly positive feedback thus far. We are now looking to reach out to West High alumni about this fundraising campaign and allow individuals and/or entire graduating classes the opportunity to adopt an individual solar panel under their name through a donation of $500 (the cost of the panel). More information about this project can be found at www.westgreenclub.org and https://app.mobilecause.com/vf/solar.

We were able to find the website of the Class of 1958. Because the systems for communication differ among graduating classes, is this website the primary method of communication the Class of 1958 uses? If the Class of 1958 has a database of contact information and emails for its constituents, would we have permission to contact these individuals directly?

We are incredibly excited to bring renewable energy to Madison West High School and affirm the ideals of progress and innovation that define our school and the City of Madison. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you and connecting with a fellow West alum!

Charles Hua

Time: July 11, 2017 at 12:29 pm”

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1 Response to West High “Green Club” seeks alumni participation in fundraiser

  1. I received the following followup email from Charles Hua and have added the image he included to the story above. ChuckR

    Hi Chuck,

    Just a quick follow-up. I’ve also attached a flyer that serves as a visual representation of our project below, in case some might prefer a visual as opposed to just text.

    Thanks again,

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