Do You Remember?

Do you remember any of these places or businesses listed below?  If so, would you like to share your thoughts and memories about any of them with us?  If you remember something or somewhere that is not listed, share your thoughts about them also.

Add your comments in the “Leave a Reply” section below:

  • Jasper’s Handy Shop
  • Rennebohm Drugs
  • The Ice Cream Shop
  • Lombardino’s
  • Nakoma Trading Post
  • Red & White Hamburgers
  • Nibble Nook
  • Mickie’s  Dairy Bar
  • Wolf Kubly & Hirsig
  • Karsten’s
  • Manchester’s
  • “Jingles” Stadium Bar
  • Rentschler’s Greenhouse
  • Baron’s
  • Caramel Crisp Shop
  • Woldenburg’s
  • Cuba Club
  • Brass Rail
  • Meuer Photoart
  • The Emporium
  • Bancroft Dairy
  • Yost-Kessnichs
  • Three Sisters
  • Breeze Stevens Field
  • Cathay House
  • Toddle House
  • Montgomery Wards
  • Mallott’s Pharmacy
  • Parman’s Service Station
  • Klitzner’s
  • Frenchy’s
  • Ballwig’s Dinner Club (before Feiler’s)
  • Orpheum Theater
  • Capital Theater
  • Strand Theater
  • Majestic Theater
  • Eastwood Theater
  • Justo’s Club
  • Village Bar
  • Glenway Golf Course
  • F W Woolworth
  • Kresge’s
  • Hoffman House
  • Goodman’s Jewelers
  • Vilas Park
  • Hoyt Park
  • Wingra Park
  • Picnic Point
  • Westmoreland Park

9 Responses to Do You Remember?

  1. I remember the soda fountains at Renebohm Drug stores, especially their “specialty”, grilled danishes.

    • Mary Anderson Bourne says:

      LOVED Rennebohm’s grilled danish: warm with lots of butter! Worked at the soda fountain at University & Park when I was a student at West High.

  2. Linda Gaarder Hoblitzell says:

    Loved going to get elephant ears at Reneboms (?)also going to listen to our favorite records in the booths. We usually put our money together to buy a record we loved and then we would share it. Also loved to get off and on at the popcorn store . again hard to choose only one. We’d get several kinds and again share. Too loved to see the yo-yo men in the spring at the shops. Had to save my allowance. Only got bubble gum and saved the rest so I could get a yo-yo. Loved to watch a lot of the tricks. While at it I loved to walk to Vilas to ice skate. Picked up John Sumlumger in the next block. Also David and Dennis Person would join us. Do remember warming your mittens and drinking hot chocolate. Loved to watch the boys play hockey. Imagine that. Then we’d walk home after dark. Seems 10:00 was the curfew time to Be home if you wanted to go again on Saturday. Then there were the ski jumps in hoyte park as well as the toboggan after Christmas with the Christmas trees that lined the ice to keep it from melting so fast. Did anyone of you know Suzanne Holly started woman’s hockey in Chicago. Also several of us went to her house when we went to Chicago. She told her kids we used to be her babysitters. She would not let her kids see her driver’s license. Funny, but we played the game. Also member spending a lot of time at Joanie Yelinek’s apartment. I used to love to go to Judy Dornfeld’s house on Friday or Thurs to smell her mom’s baking. Bread and the yeast smell. Also remember clearly how Judy and friends decided to teach me to drive because I was the only one without a license. Ahh I proceeded to hit a fire hydrant. I had to do housework for a month for my mom to pay for the damage.. Enough… as you can tell I have lots of fun times and a great time growing up in Madison. Those were the days my friends.

  3. Laura Fellman says:

    I have never forgotten the drive-in on the East side, that we called Hungry, Hungry, Hungry, where we went for the delicious curly french fries. Does anyone else recall this teenage trek?

    • Bob Hartwig says:

      I remember this….some nights we drove 125 miles and never left Madison! Up amd down East Washington Ave, and then on to Hungry Hungry.

  4. Patricia Buck Gonzales says:

    I remember most of what Linda remembered. Vilas park was wonderful all year round. I have never seen a ice skating set like that since. Our gang in the neighborhodd would sometimes challenge ourselves to run to the park take/rent a canoe or a row boat fly across the lagoon and back, turn it in and run home before 10pm, our curfue. I think the best days were from when I was little through junior high. We didn’t not realize then that other places were not as wonderful as our surroundings.

  5. Patricia Buck Gonzales says:

    Another wonderful place was the Chocolate Shop on State Street. When one of us had a recital, my father would take us there for a sundae treat afterward. It was a carpeted, white table cloth place, very quiet and very wlwgant to my way of thinking. Also the Edgewater Beach Hotel and all the places in and around the university.

  6. There is a wonderful Facebook page called Lost Madison& they come up with things that have been there forever or used to be & now are gone. I enjoy the page even if I live in California now.

  7. Nancy Grosshandler Rane says:

    Victor Music where you could go into a booth and play the record before buying it (or not.)
    The four corners in Shorewood where everyone came together on Halloween.

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