News from Ellen Bubeck Laurent

Ellen’s email tells what is going on in her life…..


Hi Chuck,

“Thanks for continuing to keep us in touch.   I was lucky enough to get back to see Madison for the first time since I moved to Maryland in 1957.  I went by the high school and asked a passerby when they put the additions on…he said something about the changes in the cafeteria…I don’t remember a cafeteria.   I have been in touch with Joan Clifford Indermark on line for several years now, and we got together for a lovely day and evening in the Portage area.   We were in Wisconsin for a reunion with my husband’s Northwestern University Grad School group, who had special sessions in Switzerland in 1980.   This group has been getting together every other year since 1980, and alternating between the US and Europe to accommodate our members.  Three years ago, we decided we were getting old (that hadn’t occurred to us before) and so now meet every year.  This year, we’ll be meeting in the Netherlands and then going on the Germany to find the origin of my husband’s German roots.   I’m a genealogy “nut”, and have been working on all my family lines and all of his family lines for about 30 years.

We’re in the process of moving to PRC (not China) Penney Retirement Community nearby here.   We are building a duplex there and hope to move in sometime after the Christmas holidays.   Meanwhile, I’m trying to downsize (and allow enough room for all of my genealogy files, family photos and memorabilia), not a small task.   We’re renting a storage unit and an extra garage.   I will pass along the exact address as soon as they break ground (any day now), and the phone number will have to follow later.   I’ll try to give you my new e-mail if I need to change it when we move.

I was so sad to see the obituary for Annette Geiser.  We were pretty close friends for at least two years.  I found her on facebook a few years ago and we corresponded.  She was excited to find out that Elvis Presley and I have a common great grandfather at the 7th great grandfather level (late 1400’s) in the tiny town of Hochstadt, Germany.   She was a big Elvis fan like I was in the 50’s.  She was such a sparkling personality…I know she will be missed.

Thank you again for taking the time to do this, Chuck.

Ellen Bubeck Laurent”

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