Biography update and address changes

An updated biography from Ellen Cline Sperling has been added to the Biography Page.

Also, Rodney Sweet contacted me to say that he has “cut his landline”.  He has only a cell phone.


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Biography additions and other updates

Phyllis and JoAnn have provided me with some more Classmate Biography additions/updates and some address/phone changes.

Biography additions or updates:  (click here to go to Biography Page)

  • Jean Clarke Brownell
  • Jan  Bruhn Jeffcott
  • Chuck Brictson
  • Suzanne Baird
  • Elaine (Cavanaugh) Ninneman

Address/Phone changes to directory database:

  • Bruce Bullington
  • Chuck Brictson
  • Jeff Cantwell
  • Jan Bruhn Jeffcott
  • Elaine Cavanaugh
  • Mary Anderson
  • Betsy Dye Swanson
  • Margie Pinther

It has been my policy administering this site to not list any classmate address information on the site.  If you would like any classmate address info,  just sent me a message using the Contact Form page, and I’ll gladly email the info to you.

Keep in touch.


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Biography for Maria Messina Ritacca updated

JoAnn Salin provided me with a revised classmate biography for Maria Messina Ritacca that has been posted to the Classmate Biography Page.


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Classmate Biographies Page Updated

JoAnn Salin provided me with new (N) and updated (U) classmate biographies that were posted today. Here are the names involved:

  • Judy Plaenert Olson (N)
  • Karen Vandeheiden Wallendar (U)
  • Guy Simpler (N)
  • Ellen Bubeck Laurent (U)

Click here to view the “Classmate Biographies Page.”


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Website Updates

Well, we are back “home”!    Furniture arrived on April 8th, and unpacking has begun.  It is great to be back.

An addition to the “60th Reunion Bio Page” has been added for Sharon Gerson Glass.  Click here to go to the page, and scroll down.



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News from Barb (Watts) Ploetz and Carole Aebischer Shand

JoAnn Salin passed on the following note and photo she received from Barb:
“Barbara Watts Ploetz was at a dress rehearsal of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in New Orleans on April 11 and was able to see Carole Aebischer Shand.  Carole has played viola for LPO since 1966.”



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Out of touch for a few days….

I’ll have limited computer use from April 1st to about April 8th.

Why, you ask?  Where moving.

Where you ask?  Back home!

Mary and I decided in December that we wanted to be back in Wisconsin, COLD weather and all.

Movers are coming on April 1st to pack, and April 2nd to load and go.

We found a senior “55+” community in Cottage Grove, about 10+ minutes from Madison.

If you have any messages or notices during that time, please send them, but realize it may take a few days to act or respond.



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