Classmate Bios (J-K-L)

This page contains biographies provided by classmates whose last name (maiden name for the gals) begins with J-K-L, who wanted to share with you what has been going on in their lives..

Last updated:  12/10/19



After getting a bachelor’s in Asian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master’s from the Graduate Library School of the University of Chicago I became curator of Yale’s Southeast Asia Collection.  In 1970 I spent a year in India and then worked for three years at the National University of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.  Getting a doctorate from UW-Madison followed.  Next came 7 most delightful years at the College of William and Mary before I became Curator of the Ames Library of South Asia of the University of Minnesota in 1987 and where I worked until retiring in 2008.

While in India in 1970 I became interested in hand-crafted textiles and began amassing a collection.  In 2011 the Goldstein Museum of Design of the University of Minnesota had an exhibition based upon my collection.  This resulted in numerous requests to speak on Indian textiles, teaching a perpetually oversubscribed class on Indian textiles for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute of the University of Minnesota, and publishing two books on costume and textiles.  In 2017 I was the main contributor to a world ikat (a tie and dye technique) exhibition at the Goldstein Museum and in 2018 headed a tour of India for OLLI devoted to architecture and textiles.


After graduating from Madison West, Mary Aageson Brink and I headed to Northwestern University. We spent two years there before coming back to Madison to finish our undergraduate studies. Senior year, Alice Dean Mortenson, Hope Dahle Bakken and Weezie Nuesse and I lived in Mrs Doty’s third floor apartment near Camp Randall. What a great year! And, fortunately, Mrs. Doty survived our, at times, noisy gatherings. I graduated in 1962 with a BS in Microbiology.

I spent the next two years at the University of Chicago and completed a master’s degree in Microbiology, while my husband finished his PhD at the University of Illinois Medical School.

Fast forward and I spent several years working in the microbiology department at Northwestern. I left to work with Erich and his parents in their EEG laboratory. Erich became interested in a developing practice of precisely measuring the concentrations of anti-epilepsy medications in patient’s blood as a means of better adjusting dosages. Our laboratory became a reference source for centers across the US. Industry took over with commercial assays and before long, the need for our services diminished.

Our daughters were off to college and I took a position as a medical editor/writer with a company that provided continuing education for physicians. It was challenging, always interesting and I felt worthwhile. It was fun to occasionally run into Stuart Gordon or Tim Harrington at conferences.

Life has not been all work. At age 78, I still play a pretty good game of tennis. I am also a volunteer usher for Chicago theaters with a group called The Saints. On one occasion, I ran into Victor Cassidy as a fellow volunteer. I introduce Victor to my two friends who were ushers that evening as “my boyfriend from 1st grade and a fellow member of the Randall Grade School Devil’s Club”. Victor said that was all true. It was a fun chance encounter.

I continue to serve on boards for the League of Women Voters and our local Go Green Wilmette environmental organization. I never miss a chance to register voters or serve as an election judge.

I am lucky enough to have a grandson who is a junior at UW-Madison and a granddaughter who just landed her first job as an environmental engineer at Woods Engineering, Inc in Madison.



Attended UW Madison and became a high school English teacher thanks to inspiration from Miss Holstein and went part time to UW for Masters in Counseling and PH.d work in Ed. Administration. Had Thirty seven year career in education as teacher, college counselor, and administrator in Student Services.

Retired in 2000 and enjoy river and ocean cruises as well as month long sojourns to Greece and Turkey, Italy, Peru,Argentina, and my favorite country, Thailand. My genealogy research discovered a distant cousin in Germany and we spent a month this summer with Gunther and his wife exploring Germany.

After spending 43 years with Dave, he passed away after a long illness.

I have shared the last 8 “golden years” with Arden and we are shuffling between Bradenton, FL.for 8 months And WI for the summers.  He and I were first year teachers together so we enjoy many mutual friends as well as interests

Having a blended family of 8 children, 14 grands, and 7 great grands keeps us busy with family outings and celebrations.

We have been blessed health wise and looking forward to.seeing

Rich Klatt

In 1962 Nancy Siegert, Central HS class of 1958, and I were married while I was still in school.  I graduated from the UW Platteville in 1965 with  a BS degree in Civil Engineering.  Following graduation from UW Platteville, I worked for three different cities, Detroit, Ames, IA and Omaha.  Our two children, Tamara and Rick, were born in Detroit.  While I was working in Ames I went to school part-time and in 1973 received a MS degree in Civil Engineering from Iowa State.   I was the City Traffic Engineer in both Ames and Omaha.

I decided in 1984 that I would leave the public sector and seek a position with a consulting engineering firm.   Since 1984, I have worked for two firms, one in Austin, TX and the other in Elgin, IL as a Transportation Engineer.  I was with the Elgin firm for 25 years where I had the opportunity to travel mainly in the US, but went to Poland five times to conduct traffic engineering studies.

While still working full-time for the consulting engineering in Elgin, Nancy and I moved to Minocqua, WI where I worked from our home.  I still traveled but had to fly out of either Rhinelander or Wausau.   I retired in 2012 and now work part-time for our home owners association as their Secretary/Treasurer.

Our two children each had a daughter and a son.  Two of our grandchildren are still in high school, while the other have graduated from college—the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Nancy and I enjoy going to the Wisconsin football games. We have had season tickets for 25 years.  Our son lives in Austin so we visit him in the winter time and our daughter lives in McHenry, IL, so we visit her often and she loves the Northwoods.   I also enjoy swimming, golfing, boating, cooking and watching movies.


Graduated from UW in 1963.  Commissioned in US Army, married Pat, Sarah was born and I was shipped to Germany after basic officer training.  Spent three years in Germany, Anna was born and I spent a lot of time on the East German border.  Death of Kennedy cause a real serious problem for us, but things cooled down after a couple of months.  Pat and I had some short vacation trips one with Mom and Dad. In 1966 I was ordered to Ft Bragg for counterinsurgency training and on to Viet Nam.  Pat stayed in NY close to relatives.  Returned for more training and after two years back to Nam. Returned to assignment in Washington DC.  Started grad school at American University and after a year left the Army  and went to work in systems.  Graduated from AU and worked with several R&D companies until a company move to Raleigh NC.  Retired from IBM in 2003 after an eventful career in development of large scale systems. Much international travel some where I was allowed to take Pat at my expense so she got a taste of different cultures.

After retirement (mostly) Pat and I traveled internationally along with our national parks. Too much to detail but we just got back from a two plus week river tour of Russia.  Nothing I would want to put in writing other than they have done a glorious job of rebuilding and restoring cathedrals and basilicas.  National museum in St Petersburg was awesome. Really.  Following my late fathers direction spent the last 30 or so years doing public service in Raleigh and Wake County.  The six years I served on the Raleigh Parks and Rec board was the most satisfying and productive.  We developed the Master Plans for four parks and they are now in use in several areas of the city.  Pat and I are both active in our church with various work areas and responsibilities.  The girls and the two grandchildren are fully employed and we all take fairly frequent local trips in NC and VA. Recently we all spent five days visiting Biltimore house in Asheville to see a Chihuli glass display.  Will keep going as long as we can…….


Married in 1961; lost my wife, Pat, to cancer after 50 years of marriage. We have two daughters and two grandsons, one from each daughter. My oldest grandson drives racecars and my younger grandson graduated from University of Wisconsin – Madison in May and works for the Green Bay Packers. Survivor of West Nile Virus that was diagnosed in August 2017 after being hospitalized for 3 months including being on life support for 5 weeks with multiple complications including paralysis, strokes and blood clots.

1950’s. In the early years I worked weekends at Marine Motor Clinic on Yahara River working on outboard boat motors. I was also certified and worked as a Mercury Outboard Mechanic. Raced Mercury outboard class A&B and C&D Hydroplane boats. Won high point in ‘0’ hydro class in Wisconsin. Later in the decade I designed, built and raced Class A Skeeter iceboats. Won championships in local Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club (FLlYC) in Madison. Past Commodore and Secretary for FLlYC. Won Class A Skeeter championships in Northwest Ice Yacht Association (NIYA) and International Skeeter Association (ISA.) Was Past Commodore, Secretary and Treasurer for NIYA and ISA.

1960’s. Owner and Mechanic of Midget Racecars. Drivers won championships in Badger Midget Auto Racing (BMARA) with most of the races at Angell Park Speedway in Sun Prairie. Elected to the National Midget Hall of Fame in 2006. Active in BMARA as Past President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Engineering with degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Work History. Worked part time for my Father’s business, Krueger Fabricating, while going to high school. Continued to work at my Father’s business until and after it was bought out by Dairy Equipment Company in Madison working with and designing transport tank trailers, automated milking equipment and spray dryers. Left Dairy Equipment Company to work at Stainless Tank & Equipment in Cottage Grove as their engineer and to design semi trailers. Became a co-owner and continued to work with the business after selling my shares to new owners as a Consultant with their plant in Beloit.

Active in Free Masonry and Shriners including Camel Patrol, making camel saddles, giving camel rides at Vilas Park Zoo and taking camels to parades throughout the Midwest. Past Master of Commonwealth Lodge #325 Madison, Past Sovereign of Winnebago Conclave in Madison of the Red Cross of Constantine, Past Commander of York Rite Commandry #3, Past TPM of Scottish Rite Lodge of Perfection and Past Commander and Chief of Scottish Rite Consisory. Past President of Masonic Center Foundation and Treasurer for Children’s Dyslexia Center School in Madison. Elected to Honarary 33 Degree Mason for the Northern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite out of Lexington, Massachussetts.

Ken Kreutzmann (added 6/27/19)

  • BS University of Wisconsin Madison 1962.
  • Naval Aviator 1962 to 1968. Two combat tours in Vietnam with 175 missions.
  • Married Sharon Lynne Smith from Kansas City, MO February 1966.
  • Son John born December 1966. Son Matthew born May 1969.
  • John married Teresa Langsdorf in 1992. Matthew married Malisa Everson in 2001.
  • Grandchildren: Rick, Samantha, Erik, Cooper and Meyer.
  • Northwest Airlines Pilot 1968 to 2000.
  • Retired since 2000.
  • You can usually find me and my bride of 53 years at our lake place in Burnett County WI

Meredith Kuesel Selden   (added 9/8/19)

Since graduationI married Joe Selden in 1960 we had 45 years together until his sudden death in 2006.  I had two sons Greg and Tim each married and had two daughters and now have four grandchildren. Greg and family live in Austin Texas
Tim and family are within 10 miles of me.
Worked for 30 years for the state of Wisconsin.  I retired July 2000. Loved the my job and have loved every minute of retirement.
I have volunteered for 20 years with the Sauk city 4-H
I currently volunteer at the Sauk city Humane society – working with cats and the international crane foundation with bird care.
Weekends with friends and family and my four cats (my best pals.


Charlie Lanphear   (updated 8/31/19) (content format as received)

U.S. Marine Corps  58-62   Calif., Okinawa, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Gulf of Tonkin, N. Carolina –  Varsity Bar, State Street, Madison, Floor Manager – Coral Gables Fla. – San Francisco 1967 Summer of Love, Coastal School of Deep Sea Diving in Oakland courtesy of G.I. Bill – Aspen Co. Floor Mgr. Woodlander, The Pub, Aspen Inn Nightclub – Mexico  Importing produce to U.S., wasn’t potato’s, Zihuatanejjo, Mexico City, Merida, Cozumel, Acapulco, Veracruz, Acapulco, Great escape from a Mexican Jail.- Republic of China, building “Steppenwolf”  a 42′ ketch, sailing to Philippines, survived 2 major typhoons at sea, Chinese govt. hot on our trail, reported lost at sea, Manila, bribed a immigration officer to stamp our passports, headed to Southern Philippines, bought automatic weapons from Boy Durano in Cebu before entering Sulu Sea, gunfight at sea with the dreaded Sulu Pirates, Borneo, Malaysia, many dives, night & day, had our own compressor tanks and expedition dive equipment. Nothing like a Big Tiger Shark at 60′ in the beam of underwater lights.  Singapore – arrested for having weapons on board, big front page trial, Changi Prison, I was not fond of the accommodations. – Australia, working on the Southern Australian Railroad repairing track out in the bush.- Florida, Tri-miran “Different Stroke” 1st mate, diving the islands of the Bahamas – Hong Kong, living on the island of Peng Chau building the sailboat “Cattle Creek” 33ft. ketch, Philippines, Borneo,Malaysia, Singapore.- Colorado, spent two winters by myself at 8’000 ft. trapping beaver & cross country skiing while caretaking 7 Lakes Ranch, adjoining The Flat tops wilderness area, 11 miles from the nearest plowed road, Vic Galena, Stu Gordon and their wives skied in for a visit, designed and drew the plans for my passive solar bachelor pad, while enjoying the solitude.- California, gentleman farmer applying my talents to the soil in the Las Padres National Forest, way off the grid, wasn’t growing potato’s. – Morocco, Atlas Mtn’s buying produce, not potato’s from a village far away from everything, loading on donkeys for trek to the Mediterranean Sea and a sailboat, for the voyage to the U.S.-  California, hills above Laytonville, another stint as gentleman farmer applying talents to the soil. – Colorado, Up Cattle Creek, lived in a tent and built my passive solar house on 10 acres surrounded by BLM land.-  Austria, St. Anton, Switzerland, Germany, France, England, France, Spain where the good ship “Cattle Creek” awaited patiently in Port Banus for us, down the coast of Spain to Gibraltar, across the Atlantic with my pal John, 27 days to Antigua. – Bali, Indonesia, yacht “Gypsy Cowboy” across the Indian Ocean with my pal Carl, 35 days to the Seychelles, where we were promptly taken to the hoosegow, they thought the boat was stolen, not.- Port Villa, Vanuatu, Ramrod Tuku-Tuku, 6,600 acre cattle ranch, great diving, lots of Tiger Sharks come into the bay to feed on offal at night.- Koror, republic of Palau, join my cellmate in Changi Prison, Gregg aboard his 55’eggshell steel yacht “Vulcan” dive trip in Palau, New Guinea, New Britain, where we spent the winter, dengue fever, not that pleasant of an experience. – Montana, Livingston, moving a beautiful old ranch house into town and rehabbed it for sale.- Big Island, Hawaii  president of Aardvark properties, built a small sub-division in Kapaau, helped a pal build a big house on the Hamakua coast, lived in a old sugar cane cookhouse I remodeled,- Colorado, Sales director, Tele-Environmental Systems, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming & Utah.  Some of my  adventures before moving to Prescott Valley, Az.  where I enjoy crashing about on my mtn. bike, hiking, co-authoring a book, and my main hobby, Cancer, which I’ve defeated three times.  Charlie

Bill Lautz

I retired from Wisconsin Department of Transportation in 2000 and have been enjoying retirement since then. I pick up and deliver blood for the Red Cross several times a month. I sold my house in 2015 and enjoy not worrying about lawn care or snow shoveling by residing in an apartment close to my old neighborhood. I travel a lot- – -been to all seven continents- – -and will spend two weeks in Portugal shortly after the reunion. My oldest son, Roger, has two kids (my two grandkids) and living in Waunakee. He is a Project Manager for Affiliated Engineers in Madison. Youngest son, Steve, is Associate Athletics Director at Auburn University in Alabama.

(Note:  Bill included his address, phone and email information.  Since it has been a long time policy of mine not to include personal information on this site for privacy reasons, that information was removed.  I have updated his classmate profile with this information, and anyone wanting Bill’s address etc., can contact me anytime.  ChuckR)

Bob Lincks  (added 7/6/19)

Worked in sales in Madison after UW for about 15 years selling business forms, office & computer equipment. Got my real estate brokers license. Specialized in syndications of residential income properties and sales of same.

Moved to Scottsdale 1984 and got my real estate brokers license brokering land and commercial real estate. Market collapsed in 1990. Then became real estate director with convenience store company Circle K. Transferred to California Division office, Corona, CA, 2004 – 2008 and retired.

Moved back to Arizona, Sun City West. Volunteered for Sheriff’s Posse, Sun City West for 5 years as Duty Officer, Photographer & served on the Board of Directors.

Resigned when wife Sherrie (Strayer-West Class of 61) health declined due to heart failure; currently in Hospice. Living in Glencroft Retirement Center, Glendale, AZ.

Kerry Lippincott  (added 8/21/19)

As I recall our Madison West High School, Class of 1958, graduation was on Friday, June 13. It has all been a lot better since that! That summer I worked at a University of Wisconsin genetics experimentation farm (aka The Mink Ranch), as I had done the summer before, and began as a freshman at the U of W in September. An introductory class in anthropology pretty much sealed my fate for the next 60 years. My sophomore, junior and senior years went by in a normal progression and I spent the summers at the University of Alaska, on a telephone line crew for the Forest Service in Oregon, and at an archaeological field school at the University of New Mexico. I returned to the university for a teaching certificate but continued to spend the summers on archaeological crews excavating at sites in Illinois and South Dakota.

I think that I can honestly say that my adult life started when I began graduate school in anthropology at the University of Missouri. I have done nothing professionally except archaeology since then. I received (earned? was awarded?) an M.A. in 1970 and a Ph.D. in 1976. In 1978 I became the archaeologist for the Tennessee Valley Authority’s uranium acquisition program headquartered in Casper, Wyoming and here I still am. After five years with TVA, I somewhat unexpectedly segued into “consulting” and have done that since then for projects in Nebraska, South and North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. Those projects have included surveying (controlled walking around and looking) for and excavating archaeological sites, serving as a temporary fill-in for the state archaeologist in Montana and as the assistant state archaeologist in South Dakota, and occasionally teaching classes at the University of Wyoming and Casper College. Authorship and co-authorship of seemingly innumerable consultant reports, chapter-length articles in regional and area-wide journals, and several book chapters have resulted from those fieldwork efforts.

When some people hear me, or my wife, say that I am an archaeologist, a common question is “What was your “most exciting find?” So, I’ll tell you. When I was sitting (temporarily) at the state archaeologist’s chair in Helena, Montana, a telephone call was routed to me from someone in Alberta, Canada. They wanted to know about some “faces made from shell” that they had dug up, and reburied, in a cave in northern Montana. (Canadians seem to be a little more culturally aware of a nation’s prehistoric cultural patrimony than most Americans are.) An expedition was organized and several of us made a heart-attack-inducing climb up a rocky and boulder-strewn mountain scree slope to reach the cave and re-excavated what are, more professionally, referred to as “marine shell mask gorgets”. Look them up on Google. Although they are not an unknown kind of artifact in the southeastern United States, the occurrence of those two from the Sweetgrass Hills of Montana is quite geographically disjunct and the most northerly examples of the artifact type. My interest in archaeological “shelly” kinds of things was renewed by the description and analysis of them, and my pet research projects for the last 20 years have involved identifications of residual freshwater mussel shells from prehistoric meals, artifacts made from local shell, and long-distance trade in marine shells. Probably my only co-authored pamphlet that might be available in a local (local, as in Casper, Wyoming) book store is “Native Mussels of Wyoming” published by the University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute.

The other, better half of my life has consisted of my wife, Alice Christine (Chris), who has been a consistent foundation, local, regional, national, and international traveling companion, and life partner for over 50 years. We have raised two children, Christopher, and Anthony, who have our six grandchildren between them, with two here in Casper and four in Florida. Even the grandchildren, except one, are well on their way into adulthood!

Approaching my 80th year, it seems to have gone by in a hurry. There have certainly been more good times than bad times and I have been happy to have had the experience of it all.


John Lorimer (added 12/10/19)

After graduating from West, I attended UW Madison and graduated in 1963 with a BS.  Immediately after graduation, I went to work for the Wisconsin Dept. of Social Services as the Recreation Director for the WI School for Girls in Oregon.  I spent 14 years in that position and then moved on to positions in Mental Health and Community Services, all within the Dept. of H&SS.  I retired in1997, after 34 years in state service.  In retirement, I have pursued a second career in Photography and spent several years photographing; weddings, HS Seniors, Headshot Portraits and Special Events.  During the same years, I began teaching Photography and Photo Editing for Madison Area Technical College and several other local organizations.  While I no longer do commercial photography, I continue to enjoy teaching for MATC.  Since retirement, I have also worked as a “Standardized Patient” for the UW Med School where we role play illnesses and injuries for the medical students.

While I never married I have enjoyed a number of long term relationships.  Most recently my Significant Other of twenty years, Pamela Brandon, passed away in April of this year after a courageous battle against cancer.  I continue to live just outside Madison on the shore of Lake Waubesa and enjoy getting together for lunch once a month with about a dozen of the guys from the Class of 1958.