Hurricane Harvey and Irma News

I sent the following email to the classmates that live in the areas where hurricanes Harvey and Irma struck.  I will add any comments that I receive to this post.


Greetings ……

This is a “Wellness Check” see see how everyone is doing during this weather disaster.  
I have addressed this note to those classmates whose address on file is in the area of both of these storms.
Are there anythings that are needed or services that can be offered?
If you wish to offer any news about your experience, please let men know via email, and I will post it to our comment on the website Message Page .
Stay Safe
Our thoughts are with you!

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4 Responses to Hurricane Harvey and Irma News

  1. Received this note from Bonnie (Rejahl) Hamill)

    “Thanks, s Chuck. All is well in central TX.

    Sent from my iPhone
    Bonnie Hamill”

  2. 9/9/17 – Received the following message from Tim Shaefer:

    Thanks Chuck! Karen and I escaped to Denver two days ago from Naples.

    We will see how our house stands up to the 130mph predicted winds. I am not optimistic, however!


    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Chuck Radke says:

    9/10/17 – Received the following message from Bob Risley:

    Appreciate your concern.
    We bailed Naples Friday. Pray for those who didn’t.
    Bob Risley

  4. 9/11/17 – Received this message from Jeanette (Thraen) Waln):

    “We are doing ok, located off hwy 27 near Disney. I’ve been in FL since 1980, and this was the worst hurricane I’ve ever been in. But we are very lucky, no damage inside and the roof can be replaced

    Thanks for your concern.

    Jan Thraen (Jeanette Waln)”

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