Message From Katerina Moberg

Below is an email I received from Katarina Moberg Steen.

JoAnn Friedman Salin

Thank you for all your mail. Happy New Year. I always enjoy reading about West High 1958.

Steen and I went to Cuba nov 25 th till dec 9th. 2014. Very interesting trip. Talked to some Americans who were also tourists there. The pictures you sent of cars from the 50-ties reminded me of the cars we saw in Cuba. They had changed the engines….

A year ago our youngest daughter, born christmas eve 1979, went with her husband and two children born jan 2011 and march 2014 for 3 weeks to Cuba. They, the parents enjoyed it but realized it was much harder to travel with two children than with one. The year before they spent 2 months in South-America with one child and there they visited friends of ours and theirs.

We spent Christmas in Denmark with one of our three daughters , Sophie her husband and there two daughters. Their younger daughter who is 15, is going to spend a year in the States next year. They don`t know yet where. I recommend her to go but it is not AFS.

My year 1957 -58 has been of great value for me. I hear from Giorgio Sinigaglia on and off and hope to see him in Sweden with his family some day like all of you.

(1964 Steen and I went to Spain on our honeymoon, we studied spanish which was useful in Cuba).

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Marsha, she and her husband visited me in Sweden summer 1967 and I hope to see her with her husband within a near future again in Sweden.

I was really lucky to have had this chance of being an AFS student at West High 1958.

Katarina (Moberg)

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