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Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to the Madison West High School Class of 1958 Message Board and Website, Version 2.0.1

The sole purpose of this site is to provide a means for classmates to post and read about classmate activities and other items of mutual interest. It carries no advertising.

This project continues to be a “work in progress”.  New elements are added from time to time.

Since this website is not indexed and may be difficult to find with normal web search applications, I recommend that you keep this link handy to reach this site:


Keep coming back every week or so to see what has been added or changed.

Chuck Radke

P.S. A special thanks to JoAnn Friedman Salin for taking the bull by the horns to keep up the classmate connections during the time I stepped away from being the webmaster.


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  1. Margaret "Maggie" New says:

    this looks beautiful – thank you so much Chuck
    Margy Freed New

    • Trudy Johnson Gibbs says:

      Margy, my grandson tells me that your grandson and mine are in the same pledge class at UW Madison. Small world. Calvin (Stork) is a sophomore this year and is living in the Beta house. He hails from Lake Geneva, WS. Love having him in Madison.

      Hope all is well with you and that you are still busy publishing. I am pretty much full-time caregiver these days. So sad to watch my brilliant husband lose his thinking and motor skills as dementia takes over more and more. Trudy (Johnson) Gibbs

      • margaret says:

        trudy – yes that is Noah Bezar of which you are thinking. He one fabulous kid from Berkeley.CA. He is technically my Niece’s son so not my grandson but I am happy to claim him. Noah loves Beta fraternity and being at Wisconsin and we are of course thrilled that he choose UWMadison when he could have selected many other schools.
        I am so sorry that you need to spend your time as a caregiver – not that it is not important but I am
        sad and sorry for you that your husband is going downhill. We never know who will be next or how
        long we have to enjoy this life, so I guess I would say, treasure what good days you have.
        I have two contracts with Dept of State, helping diplomats leave for retirement or other jobs. It is
        sad to see capable people leave public service. Over the winter holidays I anticipate time to travel
        with Mexico City (if still viable) top on the list, SF, Milwaukee for Christmas with my sister and then to Ukraine for their Orthodox Christmas in early January.
        I look forward to our reunion next September 2018.
        Margaret Freed New

      • Trudy Johnson Gibbs says:

        Thanks for your kind words. Despite Erich’s decline, we still get out and about. Tomorrow, I am registering voters for National Voters Registration Day. This weekend, I helped groom the new habitat gardens along Lake Michigan. Erich likes “being there” and I like staying involvedt with groups like the League of Women Voters and a local environmental group. Hope to see you at the reunion. I am encouraging Terry Thomas McNabb to join forces and make the trip to Madison.

      • Margy freed new says:

        Hurrah for you doing such good and useful volunteer assignments
        I am busy w consulting, helping diplomats retire
        See you in sept 👍

  2. JoAnn Friedman Salin says:

    Yeah!!! And welcome back, Chuck. We’ve missed you. JoAnn Friedman Salin

    • Phil Little, Clasx of 57 says:

      JoAnn: I arranged our class (1957) 60th reunion last year. We only had a one day event, and it looks like you’ve taken on more!! If you need help, or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me, although it appears you have already done a fantastic job.
      One suggestion (from our class) was that we should not have a buffet as too many of our classmates are not able to handle serving themselves.

  3. Rich Klatt says:

    Looks great, thanks for again taking on the responsibility of our web site.

  4. Rodney Sweet says:

    Thanks to JoAnn and Chuck. I enjoy keeping in touch when many of us are so far apart.

  5. Karen Vanderheiden Wallander says:

    Chuck: your new website is fabulous — easy to navigate and interesting to read. Thanks to Jo Ann Friedman who was wonderful to maintain the link for the class while you were gone, and to you for taking this on again. I am sure all appreciate your creativity and your efforts in this technology world we now live in. Best to you!

  6. Frank Swanson says:

    Going back to our 50th Reunion in 2008, here’s the link to the video that I made of the Lake Mendota cruise that some of us took on Saturday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8Sy5SG50VU Check it out to see some familiar faces now that we have this new website.

    • Ellen Bubeck Laurent says:

      Thank you for the video, Frank. I enjoyed watching and it seemed everyone was having a good time. Sorry I haven’t had the opportunity to come back to any reunions. I have not been back to Wisconsin since leaving in the summer of 1957 and moving to Maryland.

    • Tim Schaefer says:

      It was fun to relive this wonderful cruise. Thanks Frank!

  7. Patricia Buck Gonzales says:

    Than you to all of you that have continued to keep the class informed with a special thanks to Chuck and Jo Ann for the communications and John Lorimer and the others for all of the reunion work.
    Patricia Buck Gonzales

  8. Ellen Bubeck Laurent says:

    It’s been a long time since I last saw all of you. I was sad to leave at the end of my junior year at Madison West, but my father was hired by the new CAA (later FAA) back in Washington, and we went. I am on Facebook if any of you want to catch up with me.

  9. Bob Lincks says:

    Thanks Frank for the video. I was not able to attend, but I really enjoyed seeing “old” faces again. Also, many thanks to Chuck & Jo Ann for all the work keeping all of us connected. The new site is very nice.

  10. KK Stone Anderson says:

    Thank you so much for working so hard to revive the 58 website while keeping it safe, Chuck.
    And much appreciation for keeping us up to date, JoAnn!!

    KK Anderson (nee Karen Stone)

  11. Susan Trewartha Papanic says:

    Kudos to JoAnn and Chuck. All your work is much appreciated, especially from someone who is computer-phobic. It’s so nice to get updates on old (yes, in every sense of the word) classmates. I was sorry to hear of Dave Neal’s death———–had known him since kindergarten.

  12. Tom Thomsen says:

    Thanks for all your efforts, JoAnn and Chuck!! Looks great.

  13. John McLeod says:

    Sorry to hear about Dave Neal’s death. Got to know Dave during our wrestling days both at West and in University.

  14. William H. Lautz says:

    GREAT to start receiving the news again.

  15. I love to get updates on what everyone is doing – I am consulting as a career counselor at American U Kogod School of Business and just won the women’s tennis doubles championship at my tennis club. Love living in Washington DC, crazy as it is. Look me up if you get here to see the cherry blossoms 😀

  16. Diane Dohertyy Fiore says:

    This link is much appreciated! Diane sends her love and the names brings bacck memories!

  17. Phyllis mintz eisenberg says:

    Thank you chuck for reviving this
    So glad to keep in contact with old friends

  18. susan walters says:

    Thank Goodness we have people like Chuck and JoAnn to keep the Website going.

    • jsalin@tds.net says:

      Hi Chuck,

      It’s nice to get your message . I bet you get an “up-tick” in hits when you send out an email.


  19. Dick Anderson says:

    Chuck- my new email address is (deleted by Webmaster). Im so not into computers that I couldn’t find where else to notify you. Old email was (deleted by Webmaster) Kathy passed away Aug of 2015. Dick Anderson

    Webmaster’s note: Dick’s email address has been changed in the directory database. Anyone wishing Dick’s new email address can contact me by using the “Contact Page


  20. Susan Torrance walters says:

    Thanks again. Sure enjoy the news messages

  21. Jerry Paulson says:

    Not sure, but in today’s WSJ was an obit for a Jim Bruce living down around Lake Geneva, had worked in Chicago for an airline. No age, no service. I will try doing some further checking but it sure sound like we may have lost another classmate.

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