Watch for plans for “80th Birthday Party”

Watch this space for news about the “80th Birthday Party” being planned for 2020.

Classmates (with email addresses) should have received the following email recently:


Phyllis Mintz Eisenberg is planning an 80th birthday get together for our class for next summer, 2020, and I’m sending you this email for her.

She has contacted the Holiday Inn where we had our 60th reunion and booked the weekend of Sept. 11,12,13 or possibly July 10,11,12. The July date is tentative as the Hotel is doing some remodeling in July and will let us know later if the July date will be available.

In the meantime, please mark your calendars and REPLY to this email to let Phyllis know which date(s) you are available. Please type an X (below) next to your choice(s).

            ______July, 10-12

            ______Sept. 11-13

            ______Both are OK


Phyllis (per JoAnn Friedman Salin”

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2 Responses to Watch for plans for “80th Birthday Party”

  1. Eugene Brown says:

    July is best for me. Any decision (July vs Sept) been made yet?


    • says:

      Either is ok, prefer latter yhough. Hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Marge Pinther Chandler

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