Out of touch for a few days….

I’ll have limited computer use from April 1st to about April 8th.

Why, you ask?  Where moving.

Where you ask?  Back home!

Mary and I decided in December that we wanted to be back in Wisconsin, COLD weather and all.

Movers are coming on April 1st to pack, and April 2nd to load and go.

We found a senior “55+” community in Cottage Grove, about 10+ minutes from Madison.

If you have any messages or notices during that time, please send them, but realize it may take a few days to act or respond.



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3 Responses to Out of touch for a few days….

  1. JoAnn Salin says:

    Hi Chuck, Thanks for sending us occasional emails. It’s easy to forget about checking your wonderful website. And so your emails are a great reminder. JoAnn Friedman Salin

  2. Ellen Laurent says:

    Hope you have a good and easy move back home!! Best wishes going forward. Ellen Bubeck Laurent

    • Ellen Bubeck Laurent says:

      So glad you’re settled back “home”. I was thrilled two years ago to get to Madison for a quick visit (hadn’t been back since I moved in 1957, back to the DC area with my parents…my dad took a job with the (then NEW) CAA, which became the FAA. I have been in touch with Joan Clifford and Unison Reinke, and had a chance to visit with Joan and her husband, and have another look at the high school and surrounding areas. It’s still a pretty City. Ellen Bubeck Laurent

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