It is time to shut down this site

Greetings everyone……

WordPress sent me a notice announcing some policy and billing issues effective on February 25th.  After checking the changes out, I have decided it was time to bring this adventure to a close.

So, as of February 25th, the site will be no longer be available.

It has truly been a pleasure to being involved with the site on and off since 1999.

Happy New Year to you all!!!!!



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3 Responses to It is time to shut down this site

  1. Nancy Thielen Ohmann says:

    Chuck, huge thanks for your fine work and dedication in trying to keep us informed about fellow classmates.
    Please let me know if money is an issue with regard to keeping the website going. Warm regards, Nancy o.

  2. Phyllis mintz says:

    How much was the cost of this site
    Maybe the class can chip in to keep it open

  3. Eugene Brown says:

    Creates a spirit of community. Let’s see if we can keep it going, that is if you are willing. Let me know if I can help.


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