Bob Risley’s Health

Below are messages from JoAnn Salin, and Phyllis Eisenberg regarding classmate Bob Risley’s health.

It has been my long policy while administering this website not to publicly list personal address & phone information.

That being said, anyone not having Bob’s phone or email information, click here to send a message to me, and I’ll gladly provide you with Bob’s address information.


Hi Chuck,

I got an email from Phyllis and she wrote, “Bob told  me it was ok to put on the website that he is having medical issues and accepting phone calls and prayers”


Hi Chuck,

Phyllis asked me to send the following message to you.
“Bob Risley  is having health issues and let’s all send him prayers and phone calls.  Can you have CHUCK put that on the web page”
But I wonder if if might be a good idea to get Bob’s permission first.
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