Notice to 60th Reunion attendees

Hey everyone…….

I am looking for any of you that have an iPhone, or any cell phone that takes photos/videos, who would like to provide photos and videos taken during the reunion week-end.

Send any files to

I am working on pages for videos and photos for the site, similar to these pages for the 50th Reunion:

Technology has certainly changed in the past 10 years, so why not consider yourself a photo journalist and give it a try!


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1 Response to Notice to 60th Reunion attendees

  1. JoAnn Salin says:

    Thank you, Chuck. What a great idea !!!! There will be 71 classmates at the reunion with another 29 spouses/guests, so I’m guessing we could have lots of videos. Thanks to you and all the other classmates who have helped me and contributed wonderful ideas to make this a great reunion. Wish you could be here 😉 JoAnn

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