60th Reunion Update #5

Here is the latest update from JoAnn Salin:  ChuckR


We’re up to 90 !!!!

Below are the newest registrations I’ve received and below that the entire list.  Plus, Phyllis Mintz Eisenberg has been calling our classmates  and has convinced several more to register!

By the way, people have asked, “What to wear?”  Please feel free to wear whatever makes you comfortable. Those attending the Badger football game (starting at 2:30) will be dressed casually.  So you can choose casual or dressy.  After all, we’re senior citizens and can do, “Whatever we “damn” well please ;-)”

Newest registrations:


Kahl – Karen Kahl Roberts & Arden Shumaker

Koltes – Chidie Koltes Farley & Phil Farley

Lorimer – John Lorimer

Mintz – Phyllis Mintz Eisenberg

Raffill – Denny & Cindy Raffill

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