Jim Bruce Obituary

I received the following email from John Lorimer last night:

“Chuck, Just learned from Bob Hartwig that Jim Bruce died on Sunday. Here is the only obit I could find.”

(I also received news about Jim’s passing from JoAnn Salin, and Jerry Paulson)


IMG_4385    Jim BruceJim Bruce Obit

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One Response to Jim Bruce Obituary

  1. Bob Hartwig says:

    I met Jim in kindergarten at Dudgeon School….we remained friends our entire life. A week before Jim died, my wife Bernie and I visited him. I told Jim the following as he knew his days were limited. I said to Jim: “One day soon you will fall asleep and not wake up….but, you will pass through a gate and find yourself in a boat, releasing a 60″ tiger muskie. Ducks and geese will be flying all around you. When you get to shore, a 16 point buck will be standing there and behind that deer will be all the friends and loved ones that have passed away before you. They will hug you, shake your hand, and one will approach you and say; Jim, you are just in time as it’s cocktail hour.” Jim smiled and said “perfect, thank you” ….

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