Chuck Lanphear checks in

I wanted to share this email and photo from Chuck Lanphear that I received this week.  He relates to a recent visit from classmate Stu Gordon:

“Stu and his much younger brother Bob passed through Prescott Valley, Az. on their BMW motorcycles last week, we had an early dinner at a local Mexican rest., they left early the following morning, I find great humor in Stu’s story of his trek back home to Calif. He is definitely way to old to be having so much fun. Charlie”

Update 5/30/17 – Here is Stu’s response to Chuck’s (aka “Rocket”) inquiry if Stu made it back to San Diego safely:


“Yes I made it home but it was an adventure. Jon was not in Wickenburg so we moved on to Yuma to visit Bob’s friend. I decided to head on back to San Diego that evening so about 3:30, I  headed west of I-8. There was about a 30-40 mph cross wind out of the southwest which created a sandstorm and sandblasting on my way to the costal range east of San Diego. When I started up the grade on the range, rain was added to the elements and then as I got about the 3000 ft level, fog was added. At about the 4000 ft level, the temperature dropped to 41 degrees (and after riding in 90+ deg temp, I wasn’t dressed for the low temperature). By the time I got to El Cajon, the wind had diminished, the roads were dry and the temp was about 60 deg., but I was @#*&@ cold to the bone. All part of the adventure of motorcycle riding! See attached picture. We enjoyed the visit and dinner, thanks.  Stu”

Rockets & Stu1-1

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  1. joseph koberstein says:

    Wow Charley really looks old

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