JoAnn (Friedman) Salin announces initial plans for 60th reunion

The follow email to classmates was sent by JoAnn Salin announcing that she would be organizing a 60th Class Reunion sometime in 2018.  ChuckR:

“Dear Classmates,

Well, it’s time again to start thinking about our 2018 reunion … our 60th !!! This year instead of our committee, I will organize the reunion. The reason is that the “reunion committee” decided at our 55th that it would be the last one they would plan. So Phyllis Mintz Eisenberg “twisted my arm” and I agreed, as three years ago I planned a large family reunion.

I’m sending this email to ask for your input. Please reply to this email to let me know if you prefer holding our reunion in July or Sept. A couple classmates who live 20 – 30 minutes away from Madison asked me to schedule the dinner earlier, perhaps 5:30, if the reunion is in Sept. so they won’t have to drive home when it’s dark. The sun sets about 7:30 in Sept. and 8:30 in July.

I will organize a Friday night get together for drinks, the Sat. night dinner, and Sun. morning brunch. It will be at the Marriott Hotel again with all three events at the hotel. And on Sat. afternoon, there is the Art Fair on the square in July and Badger football in Sept. (though it may be a rush to attend cocktails at 5:00 and dinner at 5:30). If anyone would like to organize other Sat. afternoon events, please feel free to do so.

Sorry for the long email, but I’ve two last questions. Should the Sat. night dinner be held in a private room or the lobby (like last time)? And do you want a buffet or sit-down dinner? An option could be a sit-down dinner and a buffet for desserts. Let me know what you think.

Hope you’re all well and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



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1 Response to JoAnn (Friedman) Salin announces initial plans for 60th reunion

  1. Eugene Brown says:

    September sounds good to me.

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