“Most Memorable” Meal Page added

Continuing with adding features  encouraging classmate interaction and participation, the “Most Memorable Meals” page has been added.  Click on the link, and share with everyone your memories of where your had your favorite pie, steak, comfort food etc.

On this page, everyone is a “Foodie“!

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4 Responses to “Most Memorable” Meal Page added

  1. Laura Fellman says:

    I have never forgotten the drive-in on the East side, that we called Hungry, Hungry, Hungry, where we went for the delicious curly french fries. Does anyone else recall this teenage trek?

    Laura Fellman

  2. jean brownell says:

    I was from the West side, when MacDonald’s came to Madison , I could buy a hamburger, fries, and coke for 25 cents……………jb

  3. Bob Hartwig says:

    I remember it well…..some nights a few of us guys would drive back and forth from the west side, maybe put on 120 miles a night, cruise up East Washington Ave on the way while never leaving the city limits…

  4. Patricia Buck Gonzales says:

    Best hamburgers were at Nibble Nook, several places, I think, around Madison.

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