Former Teacher Raymond Quant Dies

QuantThanks to “Field Reporter” JoAnn Salin for providing this link regarding the recent passing of former West High faculty member Raymond Quant.



Link to Raymond Quant Obituary

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1 Response to Former Teacher Raymond Quant Dies

  1. the news of Ray Quant passing away makes me sad that I never got back to him after I left tell him what an impact he had on me and my love of history. I remember he was a single man, probably an introvert and a good friend with Gretchen Holstein my other favorite teacher. I hope they both are in heavenly rest. This is certainly a wake up call that I need to reach out to those who have impacted my life in a positive way and tell them thank you before they have passed away.
    With pleasant memories, Margy Freed a.k.a. Maggie New

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