Ladies meet for lunch

News and photos provided by JoAnn (Friedman) Salin:

“On Oct. 24th, four Madison Ladies, JoAnn Friedman, Natalie Nordness, Jill Sievers, and Karen VanderHeiden plus Jeannie Verthein (New York)  met for our annual “Ladies Luncheon”.  We have been meeting every year since our 50th reunion.

            Jeannie is writing a novel and if you would like to read the beginning of her novel it is on the web at  Another website you might want to view is .  It is a 5 minute video of the magic show I organized at Oakwood Village, the retirement center where I live.  The 11 magicians are all residents and you will see George Oosterhouse’s sister, Sally in it.  She is watching the “Wizard Trick”.  She is wearing a light blue top and has short gray hair. Sally also lives here.”




Natalie Nordness (left) and Jeannie Verthein.


From left to right, Karen Vanderheiden, JoAnn Friedman Jill Sievers and Natalie Nordness.

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