“Madison West Ladies” lunch planned for October 24th

I received the following message from JoAnn Salin announcing plans for the “Madison West Ladies”  luncheon on October 24th:

Hi Chuck, I’m organizing a luncheon for the Madison West Ladies (or any out-of-town ladies who might be visiting) on Oct. 24th.  I don’t know if you want to post anything about it, but below is the letter I’ve sent out.  I’m enjoying your website. Thanks, JoAnn


Dear West Ladies,

We didn’t have our “Ladies Luncheon” this past spring, but Jeannie Verthein is going to be in Wisconsin next month, so if you are available, let’s get together on Saturday, Oct. 24th (Badgers are playing at Illinois) at noon at the West Towne Olive Garden Restaurant.

I’m sending this email to all the Wisconsin ladies in case any of you might be in town that weekend.

Please let me know (at least a week in advance) if you will be able to make it.  I’ll send a reminder when the date gets closer 😉


JoAnn Friedman Salin

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2 Responses to “Madison West Ladies” lunch planned for October 24th

  1. Dick Anderson says:

    why arent the guys invited? Dick Anderson

  2. phyllis mintz eisenber says:

    so happy that chuck has put us in touch again

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