Rejected eMail Addresses

When I used the eMail addresses that I had on my distribution lists recently, these emails were returned as “undeliverable” for various reasons. If anyone has a current eMail address for anyone on this list, please contact me using the “Contact Form” feature of this site. Thanks. ChuckR

Trudy Johnson Gibbs
Maria Messina Ritacca
Tim Harrington
Gerald Paulson
Frank Swanson
Robert C. Christensen
Ann Clark Johnson
Jannette Dye Swenson
Linda Gaarder Hoblitzell
Pauline Bertam Darst
Judith Ayers
Kristy Kingeter Kalish
Jeffrey Dean

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1 Response to Rejected eMail Addresses

  1. Marilyn Abbink Simpson says:

    My old email was hacked and no longer useable
    my new email is xxxxxxxxxxx (Note:for privacy reasons new email address is not shown. Contact webmaster using the Contact Form for her new email address)

    Marilyn (Simpson) Abbink
    Address is the same

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