Information About Classmates

Dear Classmates,

The following is information about our classmates.

 1. I am sorry to tell you that Irene Arnette Speth, Robert Doerk, Richard Jacobson, Bob Manthei, and Dick Quintana have passed away.  You can read Dick’s obituary on our website under “News” or click on the following link.,-Jr-of-Verona-WI//


 2. Denny Hamill and his grandson have invented a toy for dogs and on Oct. 18th, it was featured on the  CBS program Innovation Nation.  To read about the toy, click on

 3.  John McLeod and Susan Trewartha wrote to mention that like Jackie Plenke, their mothers were also centurions.  John’s Mother passed away 104 and ½.  Sue’s Mother passed away  at 104.  Unfortunately, Sue’s oldest brother, Dan, also passed away.  He was 78.



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1 Response to Information About Classmates

  1. Nancy Thielen Ohmann says:

    My mother passed away on August 6, 2016 at the age of 101 1/2..Nancy Thielen Ohmann

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