News From JoAnn Salin

Thank goodness, it happened a few days after (not before) our 55th reunion, but I broke my leg on Sept. 10th !!!  Just a stupid fall in my kitchen.  But actually it may have been the best thing that happened to me.  It made me realize it was time to finally move out of my 3-story condo (my garage was in the basement) to avoid future falls.  And so I moved to the Oakwood Village Retirement Center here in Madison, where I have a very nice one bedroom apartment and I am very happy.  One night I ate dinner with Jean Manchester who hired me back in the 50’s when I worked at Manchesters part time – though of course we didn’t remember each other. And another resident I met a few weeks after moving in was Sally Oosterhouse … yup, George’s sister.  What a small world!

Webmaster Note:  The original date of this post has been estimated to maintain the timeline.

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