55th Reunion Comments from Ellen Cline Sperling & Linda Gaarder Hoblitzell

Dear class members,

As usual, our class is interested in staying in touch.  What a great group!

My thanks to all committee members, as well as others who gave generously of their time and ideas and to Bill Lautz who was so hospitable to us.

Dick Anderson, we missed you and wish Cathy the best.  Please convey to her.


Ellen Cline Sperling

Joanne, please pass on.  Thanks!


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Date: Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 7:08 PM

Subject: Re: West High 1958 – from Ellen Sperling

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 what a great comment!  I had a call from Judy Danca who filled me in on some of the things I missed.  Sure hated to miss it, but after 31/2 weeks on a road trip another 13 hours seemed too much.  I really appreciate you Joann for taking care of the connections that you have kept going on!  In deed it does make one feel connected .  I hope we can make the next one..the good lord willing.  Again as Ellen mentioned thanks to all of you who made it all possible!-   too please forward this as Ellen mentioned.  Thanks- Linda ——–

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