55th Reunion Comments from JoAnn Salin

Dear Classmates,

What a great reunion!! It seemed like everyone had a wonderful time.

And I have to tell you that Phyllis Mintz Eisenberg should have been in sales – she would have made millions.  I say this because at the reunion she mentioned how much she missed Chuck Radke’s wonderful website of our class and talked me into creating one.

I agreed, but it will be simple and won’t be anywhere near as fabulous as Chuck’s. The purpose will be a chance for us to stay connected and share news and photos, etc.  Right now the site only has the names and a few photos of people at the 55th reunion and the obituary for Janet Oldenburg.

And so, I am going to depend on you to send me information for the website.  The more information you send me, the more there will be on the site —  birth of a “great-great” grandchild, travels to perhaps John Ragatz’s Mt. Kilamanjaro lodge, or hitting a hole-in-one, or anything else you would like to share  ;-).

Please start by sending me any photos you took at the reunion, your comments about the reunion, etc.  By the way, I hope you will understand and please forgive me for typing maiden names only – it’s much easier that way.

I also want to mention that I plan to create a directory of our classmates, postal addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers that I will email to everyone. But it will take me awhile, so please be patient.

The address for the class website I created is


“Homestead” is the web hosting company I use.



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