Recent Classmate Obituary Comments

After posting obituary announcements for Tom Werndli and Ricardo Quintanta, I received these comments from classmates (ChuckR):

Tom Werndli:

Tom worked on the Reunion Committee for as many years as I can remember……….”  (Bill Lautz)

Ricardo Quintana:


I have gotten the Harvard Alumni Magazine and this obituary is for one of our own:

Ricardo Beckwith Quintana Jr, ’62 [has to be West High School 58′] of Verona, Wisc., died November 25. He was a mathematician known for his work on the restricted Burnside problem, one of the oldest and most influential questions in group theory. He leaves his wife, Kathleen (Vinz) and a son, Christian Watson. 

Please pass this on to our classmates.

Camilla (Haugen) Cai

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