Stephen Schwerma found – sort of….

Out of the blue, I received this message:

“I was looking on the web and found you are looking for Steve Schwerma. He is my cousin and lives in California. I don’t know his address but if you want to get in touch with him send it c/o (address withheld for this post)

Barbara Cummings
(bussiness address removed)
Canberra ACT 2612 ”

I sent her a message back to confirm that she was talking about “our Stephan Schwerma” (including his yearbook photo). She responded with the following:

“Hi Chuck

That’s Steve! The address is his Mum’s address…I think Steve lives in Walnut Creek CA but I don’t know his address. Steve is still alive but his brother (my cousin) Doug passed away in 1977.

Don’t you think it’s pretty good getting a California address for a Wisconsin alumni from someone in Australia??? The age of technology is great!


Anyway, I now have a contact address on file and the new address will be included in the next edition of the Classmate Directory, and his status will be changed from “missing” to “almost found”.

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