1958 Trivia

  • At The Movies

    Best Picture: Gigi

    Best Actor: David Niven, Separate Tables

    Best Actress: Susan Hayward, I Want To Live

  • National News Headline Stories

    Elvis Presley Inducted in Army

    America Launches Its First Man-Made Satellite

    Governor Faubus Shuts Little Rock Schools

    The Submarine, Nautilus, Sails Under North Pole Ice

    The Hope Diamond Donated to Smithsonian Museum

    NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration) Is Founded

  • World News Headline Stories

    Eisenhower Sends Troops To Lebanon

    Venezuela Imposes Restrictions on U.S. Oil Companies

    Castro’s Guerrillas Launch Offensive in Cuba

    Millionth Visitor Takes In Brussels World’s Fair

    Paralyzed French Government Recalls DeGaulle

    Khrushchev In As Soviet Premier, Bulganin Out

  • Sports News

    NCAA Basketball Champs: Kentucky

    Heisman Trophy Winner: Pete Dawkins, Army

    Stanley Cup Hockey: Montreal Canadians

    Indianapolis ‘500 Winner: Jimmy Bryan, 133.791 MPH

    US Open Winner (Golf): Tommy Bolt

    NBA Basketball Champs: St Louis Hawks

    Kentucky Derby Winner: Tim Tam, (jockey J. Valenzuela)

  • 1958 Prices

    Average Income: $4,650

    New Car: $2,155

    New House: $11,975

    Loaf of Bread: $0.19

    Gallon of Gas: $0.24

    Gallon of Milk: $1.01

    Gold (Per Ounce): $35.00

    Silver (Per Ounce): $0.90

    Dow Jones Industrial Average: 436.89 to 583.65

    Minimum Wage: $1.00

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