Dudgeon School Neighborhood and “Roundy’s Fun Fund”

Posted 10-18-05

(This message was received from Harry Ockerlander on 10-17-05)

Hello Chuck:

Just accessed “our” website & noted Julies passing, I played with both Julie & her brother Jack along with Rich Klatt-Dick Yates-Mark & Diane Doherty, all of whom lived on Copeland St.  Gerald Paulson lived on Western St., which was one block over and closer to Dudgeon School.

Here is an article  which appeared in 1952 in the Wisconsin State Journal.  Roundy had a project called the Roundy’s Fun Fund to help handicapped children.  I have identified the individuals listed in the article to help clarify the photo.  I cannot remember the person listed as James Klatt (he was not related to Richard), whom I believe to be James Olsen/Olson? …Diane would probably remember, in fact I believe his house was on Cross St. just below Mark & Diane’s home.

  Harry Ockerlander


PS:-1    I lived at 731 Copeland Street below Cross St. and closer to Monroe St.,I  found this  article recently and thought it might be of interest.

PS:-2   The phone numbers & addresses of all Dudgeon classmates are still in my possession now along with printed articles about same.

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